10 Best Female Face Tattoo Ideas

Female face tattoo is becoming increasingly popular, as women look for ways to express their individuality. While there are many different designs to choose from, here are a few ideas to get you started.

One popular option is a small tattoo on the cheek or forehead. This can be anything from a simpledot or heart, to a more elaborate design. If you opt for a more detailed tattoo, make sure to choose an experienced artist who specialize in face tattoos.

Another option is to get a tattoo around the eyes. This can be a great way to add some drama to your look, and there are many different designs to choose from. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to get your tattoo done by an experienced artist who knows how to work with delicate skin.

Whatever design you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll be happy with for years to come. Female face tattoos are a bold statement, so make sure it’s something you’re confident about before going under the needle.

Female Face Tattoo Ideas

best female face tattoo ideas
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Female facial tattoos are very trendy among agers and young adult girls.

Women nowadays look for facial tattoos which have deep meaning to them. As deep meaning is a reflection of a person’s character and personal habits.

Women’s facial tattoos have a very deep and intriguing meaning in them. Female face tattoos are a huge sign of independence, love as well as romance. It is also a symbol of desire, muse, good vibe, fate, and luck. Female face tattoos also show the beauty of a thing.

There are many celebrities like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa as well as Mike Tyson who had decided to get themselves inked with attractive face tattoos. And in this way, these tattoos gained popularity. Although these tattoos are the latest in fashion and have gained immense popularity they were used in ancient times as well. Ancient tribal people used to get facial tattoos for themselves.

Here are the best as well as trendiest tattoo designs handpicked especially for you guys!

Face Tattoo Ideas For Women

face tattoo ideas for women
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Nature is often called or referred to as a mother. It is usually considered to be feminine. So to celebrate mother nature and thank her for her contributions to human lives here is a beautiful tattoo design dedicated to her.

In this forearm tattoo, we can see the tattoo artist has made a face of a beautiful lady, who is mother nature. He got the most mesmerizing pair of eyes. Her eyeball is whitish and she has sparkles on both the corner of her eyes. The facial tattoo is inked with the help of white and grey ink. Her noes and lips are beautifully shaded with white and grey, this is giving a very realistic effect. She got long locks, which are the branches of trees. Her forehead and eyebrow are covered with gigantic mountain ranges, waterfalls, and forests. Just below the chin of this beautiful lady, a wolf is howling in the middle of a dense forest. This tattoo art consists of many natural elements and conveys a very deep meaning with it. So this tattoo design is perfect for people who are fans of deep-meaning tattoos.

Female Small Side Face Tattoo

female small side face tattoo
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A female side face tattoos stand for various symbols. It has a very deep meaning rooted it in. A side face tattoo is a symbol of independence, desire, good fate as well as luck. So if you get a side face tattoo then it will attract all the good and positive energy with it.

There are many side face tattoos available in the tattooing industry but this design is unique in its way. The face of the lady has been tattooed inside two triangles. Her left eye and eyebrow are drawn in the left triangle while her right eye, nose, and lips are drawn in the right triangle. The outline of the triangle has been done with a thick black border. While the outline of the face is done with thin lines. The lips have been shaded in a dark black shade. This elegant tattoo looks perfect with its minimal designs. So if you are a fan of minimal tattoos this one is for y’all as well.

Female Face Tattoo Ideas

female face tattoo ideas
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This next tattoo has a face of a girl who is wearing a tiger cap. Tiger tattoos symbolize power, strength, wisdom as well as positive luck. The entire tattoo has been done on the skin of the lower forearm. And black ink has been used to complete this entire tattoo. The face of the lady has a very positive calmness on it. Her eyes are the source of all the calmness she is reflecting on her face. And the tiger has exactly the opposite facial expression It has a fierce expression on its face. Its eyes show the anger it has in itself. The tiger has long sharp canines whereas the lady has a soft smile on her lips. This is a perfect tattoo design for young males out there.

Simple Female Face Tattoo designs

simple female face tattoo designs
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Are you more into sheer and basic tattoo designs which are not as common as other designs? Then here we have the simple yet popular tattoo idea which will allure you the most.

In this body tattoo, the tattoo artist has made a subtle feminine tattoo using black ink. This is an interesting tattoo as the artist has made a few leaves that are forming a body and hair of a lady. Only half of the face is visible. Facial features like the chin, nose, and lips can only be seen by others.

Abstract Female Facial Tattoos

abstract female facial tattoos
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Abstract tattoos are one of the most trendy tattoo ideas among the young generation. And the popularity is enormously growing now. Therefore we have handpicked this trendy piece of art as a form of a face tattoo.

In this face tattoo, the tattoo artist has inked a weeping woman’s face tattoo. The tattoo has used black facial ink to draw an eyebrow, a closed eyelid, nose, lips, and chin. Each facial feature has been drawn with a thin black fine line. This tattoo has been made right below the elbow. So if you were searching few small face tattoos then this might be the perfect design for you.

Cover Woman Facial Tattoo

cover woman facial tattoo
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Body tattoos are quite common nowadays, hence people are looking for unique face tattoos. Here is one of the most ravishing realistic face tattoos which will be loved by everyone immediately.

The tattooist has made a face of a lady with the most beautiful pair of eyes. Her eyes are very detailed. The artist has done every minute detailing with a lot of patients. Her eyeballs are brightly shining as if they would kill somebody. This lady has curly locks. Her forehead, cheeks, and lips are surrounded by black color tattoos. Her nose has an inverted heart tattoo on it. And one of her fingers is on her lips. This tattoo is full of mystery and metaphors. If you are someone who prefers deep-meaning tattoos then this is appropriate for you!

Bold Female Face Tattoos For Women

bold female face tattoos for women
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In this tattoo,o the artist has tattooed a lady devil on the skin. She has two horns protruding from her forehead. Just at the center of her forehead, there is a black crescent-shaped moon. And her eyebrows are done in black circles which are of different sizes. Her hair is tied in a high ponytail. Guys and girls who were searching for some bold tattoo designs, this lady devil might fit well within your desire!

Dual Lady Face Tattoo

dual lady face tattoo
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This tattoo has a dual face in it. One is a mask and another one is the actual face of the lady. The mask has a sober smiling expression on it. It depicts the outer expression one shows in front of the entire world. While beneath the mask lies the real emotions, which are more gloomy and depressing. And this is well shown in the face of the girl. Tears are rolling down her cheeks and she has a very sad expression on her face. There is a flower tiara on the mask, as flowers are associated with happy things. The entire tattoo has been done with black-colored ink and it has been done on the lower arm skin. This tattoo also conveys a very deep meaning to the world. So if you can relate to this tattoo and its messages, then you ought to get yourself ink with this design.

Woman Face And Bird Skull Tattoo

woman face and bird skull tattoo
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Bird skull tattoos are associated with the meaning of one’s life, power, courage, and balance. And when it is associated with a female face tattoo then the meaning of the tattoo gets enhanced.

Here in this tattoo half portion of the head is covered with the skull of this dead bird. The skull is quite big so it can be guessed that the bird is quite big. Then comes the face of the woman. She has a very bold expression on her face. And the right portion of her face is covered with a veil. On her neck, there are geometrical flowers that are made with the help of dark and light shades of black. The entire tattoo has been done with the help of black ink.

Butterflies And Woman Face Tattoo Design Ideas

butterflies and woman face tattoo design ideas
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Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of a love with is new and very young. It is also associated with the summer season, joy, and grace. In Chinese society, butterflies are the symbol of immortality. Whereas a woman’s face tattoos stand for romance, desire, positivity as well as independence. When these two elements are added together they create a very impactful meaning.

This is one of the best small face tattoos. The face of the lady here is partially done. Only the nose, lips, and chin are visible. The upper part of her face is covered with small butterflies. A small portion of her neck and a hand is also visible in this tattoo. If you were searching for small tattoos for women then this small face tattoo is ideal for you guys!

There are numerous facial tattoos for females that we could not attach to the above list. Hence here is a bonus list for you guys where you can find more attractive tattoo design options.

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