10 Best Eye Of Horus Tattoo Meaning That Will Blow Your Mind!

Fan of Egypt? If you love the ancient Egyptian culture and the myths, then you should check out these amazing ideas for an Eye Of Horus tattoo.

Eye Of Horus Tattoo
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The Eye of Horus is one of the most famous symbols of ancient Egypt.

The Eye of Horus’s tattoo stands for power and greatness. If you are a fan of ancient Egyptian culture, then this one is a must-have.

Let’s start by knowing a brief history of the Eye of Horus symbol and what it means. The Eye of Hours is a protective symbol used by the ancient Egyptians as a talisman. They used this symbol for good luck and to protect themselves against the wrath of evil spirits. Horus is a sky god and the son of Osiris and Isis. In a fearsome battle between Horus and Set, Horus lost his left eye, and thus began the long historic tale of the restoration of the same. It is said that, with the help of Thoth, Horus was able to restore his left eye, but instead of using it for himself, he offered it to his father Osiris and put it on his forehead as a third eye. Since then, it came to be known as the Eye of Horus and became an important symbol in Egyptian mythology. Horus is also referred to as the Sun God, and his two eyes represent two beliefs. The right eye of Horus, which is called the Eye of Ra, represents the Sun, while his left eye, known as the Eye of Horus is a symbol of the moon.

Eye Of Horus Tattoo On The Chest

Eye Of Horus Tattoo On The Chest
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The Eye of Horus tattoos has been quite popular for a very long time. Perhaps, it is because of the rich symbolism or the beautiful design of the magical eye. If you are looking for ideas to get one such done, then the above image can be a great suggestion for you. The chest is the perfect spot for any tattoo since it provides quite a big canvas for any kind of body art. The person in this picture has chosen a large size of the Eye of Horus as her design and indeed it looks beautiful. If you look closely you can see a splash of green and brown colors that the artist has used to draw the inner part of the eye of Horus. These kinds of tattoos are generally drawn using black ink. However, it is not a necessity. You can choose any color of your liking and get one done as well.

Minimalistic Eye Of Horus Tattoo Designs

Minimalistic Eye Of Horus Tattoo Designs
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This right here might just be the perfect design for you if you are looking for more minimalistic tattoo designs. Beautifully imprinted on the back of the neck of this person, this eye of Horus tattoo is very soothing to the eyes. The tattoo artist has only used black ink and it is a classic tattoo for anyone who wants an easy design for their body art.

The Eye of Horus tattoos signify royal power and stands as a symbol of protection against the evil eye. The eye of Hours is one such tattoo that can have different meanings to different individuals. While some may perceive it to be a symbol of good health, others might associate magical powers with it. Based on what idea you relate to the most, you can get one done as well.

Simple Eye Of Horus Tattoo

Simple Eye Of Horus Tattoos
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Here is another example of a small Eye of Horus tattoo design. As very evident from the picture, the tattoo artist has made this design with utmost precision, without any kind of goof ups. Compared to the large and complicated tattoo designs, these minimalistic designs can be just as attractive to look at. If you love reading about the rich history and tradition of ancient Egypt, you can use this image as an inspiration for your next Horus Eye tattoo.

Eye of Horus Tattoo With Quotes

Eye of Horus Tattoo With Quotes
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This particular design can be a fun way to customize your eye of hours tattoo. The person in the above picture has paired up his tattoo with a deep meaning quotation. You can also do the same. If you are one of those, who love to have tattoos that reflect motivation and positive feelings, you can try this one out. You do not necessarily have to use this particular quotation. You can choose any one of your likings and get one done. The person in the picture has chosen the backside of their forearm for the tattoo placement and it looks very exotic and alluring.

Ankh and Eye Of Horus Tattoo

Ankh and Eye Of Horus Tattoo
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The ankh is a sign of fertility and longevity. It is yet another popular symbol used by the ancient Egyptians. The ankh along with the eye of Horus denotes a symbolic meaning of balance and protection. By using different shades of black, the tattoo artist of this particular design has indeed done a marvelous job. It looks so beautiful on the forearm of the individual in the picture and symbolizes power and enlightenment. You can try out a similar design and customize the shape as well as the color according to your preference.

Eye of Horus Tattoos With Pyramid

Eye of Horus Tattoos With Pyramid
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Pyramids are one of the unique architectures of Egyptian civilization. They stand for strength, achievement, and determination. The serpent, on the other hand, denotes rebirth and transformation. The tattoo artist for this particular design has used all three elements, the Horus’s eyes, pyramids, and the serpents for carving this magnificent tattoo on the chest of the man in the above picture.

Eye of Horus Tattoo With Falcon Wings

Eye of Horus Tattoo With Falcon Wings
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In Egyptian mythology, a falcon is often used to represent Horus, the Sun God. It is believed that these mighty birds are symbols of fierceness. This can be one of the best designs for you if you are looking for powerful tattoo designs. The intricate design of the wings, paired with the eye of Horus looks very attractive. The individual in this picture has done this tattoo on his upper thigh. You can choose any body part of your preference and get one as well. It can be your wrist or your chest or even your back.

Eye of Horus Tattoo With Butterfly

Eye of Horus Tattoo With Butterfly
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Incorporating an image of a butterfly into your Egyptian eye tattoo can be one of the creative ways to customize your tattoo. As visible from this above image, the person has used a large butterfly design along with the Sun representing the Eye of the Sky God Horus. The idea behind this design is indeed very innovative and the tattoo artist has done a marvelous job in bringing out the true beauty of this art. The detailing of the wings of the butterfly is one of the key highlights of this eye of Horus tattoo.

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design On Neck

Eye Of Horus Tattoo Design On Neck
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The area around the neck can be one of the most painful areas for a tattoo. If you are brave enough, you can take inspiration from the above picture and get one for yourself. The artist in this picture has used red, green, and black ink to create this design. The eye of Horus pyramid tattoos symbolize strength and greatness. You can go for a small-sized tattoo of this design or even customize the colors according to your choice. But before getting a third eye tattooed on your neck, you must be fully aware of the consequences as well. They are not only painful but can also lead to infection if you do not take proper care.

Eye Of Horus Tattoo on Ankle

Eye Of Horus Tattoo on Ankles
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Wrists, ankles, and forearms are some of the most common places for getting a tattoo. Unlike the conventional black ink, the person in the above image has taken his tattoo to the next level by using shiny golden ink. One of the main advantages of using such bright ink for tattoos is that it looks very attractive even from a long distance. If you are thinking of using such colors for your eye of Horus tattoo, you can use this one as a reference.

The Eye of Horus tattoo has a total number of six elements in it. They include smell, touch, taste, thought, and hearing. The reason why they are so popular among the youths of today is that they deliver a deep symbolism of power and healing. You can also look for other symbols of Egyptian culture, like the Eye of Ra, pyramids, and the third eye, among many others. Given below are a few other suggestions for your next Eye of Horus tattoo

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