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If you love drawing simple tattoo designs, this article is for you. Here you have a list of the top ten simple tattoo drawings that will suit most people.

Drawing Simple Tattoo
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Many people do not prefer to get a large gigantic tattoo.

If you are a believer in the popular maxim – ‘Simplicity at its best’, this article on simple tattoo designs is apt for you. Before we get into the list of simple tattoo drawings, it is better to understand their mechanism first.

When you wear a piece of clothing, you make sure that it reflects your personality and character. Similarly, when you are getting a tattoo drawing, you need to ensure that it resonates with your personality and nature. Let’s take an example here. If a guy prefers a cool and chilled-out life, he should pick a simple tattoo drawing that has minimal designs. On the other hand, for a calm and poised woman, a moon tattoo or a tattoo bracelet would do justice to her.

Since there are multiple simple tattoo designs, it is truly difficult to pick one and discard the rest. Further, many have the idea that having a small and simple tattoo design does not produce the same impact as a large tattoo. Well, this is a totally wrong notion as the kind of drawings that you are getting in the tattoo hold a specific meaning. Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect design carefully so that you don’t regret your decision later. Some of the simple tattoo designs include tribal tattoo designs, flower tattoo drawings, celestial tattoos, quote tattoos, name tattoos, etc.

While getting a simple tattoo drawing inked on your body, often, the tattoo artist suggests picking a design from their selected tattoo magazines. However, it is recommended that you pick a design that suits your nature. Also, make sure to choose a trained tattoo artist who does not deliver a blowout. Keeping these things in mind, let’s move on to the list of simple tattoo drawings that can help you select one for yourself at ease.

Single Needle Waves Tattoo Drawing

Single Needle Waves Tattoo Drawing
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If you are looking for a simple tattoo design, this wave tattoo is perfect for you. The artist has used a single needle to get the tattoo inked on your body. If you take a close look at the tattoo, you will see that it carries a soothing aesthetic. Such tattoo ideas are perfect to be inked on the arm or right above the elbow.

Single Needle Waves Tattoo Drawings
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Here is another fine line minimal wave tattoo where the waves are guarded by a Celtic triangle. The subtleness of the waves inked by the tattoo artist makes the tattoo drawing more attractive. Although this is a simple tattoo art, its elegance makes the design a perfect one both for men and women. If you want, you can add some pop colors to the wave tattoo.

Symbolic Sun Tattoo

Symbolic Sun Tattoo
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Of all places in the body, one of the perfect locations for simple tattoo designs is the ankle. Look at the abstract sun design inked on the ankle. The artist has used two types of needles to get this tattoo drawing done – one is the single needle with which he has drawn the sun and its rays, and the other is a rounded needle that has helped him to draw the bold lines of the waves.

Symbolic Sun Tattoos
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here is another simple and abstract sun tattoo design that has a mystery in it. If you observe the sun tattoo carefully, you will see that the tattoo design is given the form of abstract art that cannot be easily understood by people, especially when they notice it at a glance. Generally, in the tattoo world, a sun tattoo stands for power and glory.

Minimal Star Tattoo on Shoulder

Minimal Star Tattoo on Shoulder
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When it comes to minimal and simple tattoo drawings, the sun, moon, and stars are the most sought-after tattooing elements that people look forward to. Here is a similar star tattoo design is done on the shoulder of the wearer. If necessary, you can match such tattoo drawings and get them on both the shoulders.

Minimal Star Tattoo on Shoulders
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Here is another similar star tattoo but with a twist. If you notice the tattoo design, you will find slight changes from the previous one. First, there are multiple stars inked in the tattoo design. Second, in this tattoo drawing, the stars are sparkling which symbolizes hope, destiny, guidance, and ambition.

Neo-Tribal Tattoo Designs

Neo-Tribal Tattoo Designs
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If you want to get a tattoo that makes you stand out from the crowd, your solution lies in tribal tattoo designs. Here is a tribal tattoo design that is an apt simple easy tattoo drawing for beginners. If necessary, such tribal tattoo designs can be combined with gothic or Celtic designs to give it a more professional look.

Neo-Tribal Tattoo Designs ideas
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Here is another tribal tattoo design that is merged with some gothic tattoo designs. This body art is suitable mainly for men as it gives a masculine effect. Although this tattoo is inked at the side of the knee, one can get it done on the back or arms as well.

Casual Wine Tattoo

Casual Wine Tattoos
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Of all tattoo designs, getting a cool and chic tattoo is what most people aspire to. Here is a wine tattoo that the artist has inked with a single needle. The fine lines of the tattoo make it more classy. Such drawing ideas are not just artistic, but also enhance the beauty of the body part in which the tattoo is inked.

Casual Wine Tattoo ideas
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Here is another wine glass tattoo that is sure to attract the eyes of many immediately. What makes the tattoo alluring is the vibrant color that is added to it. The way the tattoo artist has inked the wine spilling from the glass gives the tattoo design a 3D effect.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Drawings

Red Butterfly Tattoo Drawings
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Generally, butterfly tattoos are associated with feminism. Here is a butterfly tattoo inked in red. This is a cute and simple arm tattoo that is a perfect piece for women. Such tattoo designs can be done on other parts of the body as well.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Drawings ideas
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If you are looking for some sexy and alluring tattoo ideas, we have found one for you. Here is a red butterfly tattoo inked on the side of the thigh. The placement of tattoo drawings gives a different meaning to the tattoo.

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