10 Best Delicate Sternum Tattoo Ideas |

Are you in search of the most feminine and delicate tattoo you can think of? Then you will love these delicate sternum tattoo ideas!

delicate sternum tattoo ideas
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Are you bored of getting a tattoo in the usual places like your forearm, leg, or back?

Then you need to check out the idea of a sternum tattoo immediately. Sternum tattoos are very popular among men and women for how cool and stylish they look.

A sternum tattoo is usually placed in the area that is in the middle of one’s breasts. However, a sternum tattoo can extend or stretch to the upper chest region. It can also stretch downwards to the stomach or on the ribs on both sides. If you want to get a sternum tattoo, you may also think about how much pain you can usually handle, as sternum tattoos can be quite painful. However, if you can mostly manage pain while getting tattooed, you can definitely ask for a lovely and delicate sternum tattoo.

Consequently, if you feel that you are open to experimenting with your next tattoo, why not try these absolutely amazing and delicate sternum tattoos?

Minimal And Delicate Sternum Tattoo Designs

minimal and delicate sternum tattoo designs
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If you subscribe to a sense of style or aesthetic that is quite minimalist in nature, then you will absolutely love a small delicate sternum tattoo design. Sternum tattoos are known for their minimal designs that are not too large in shape or size but are still quite intricate and detailed. If you want a minimalist delicate sternum tattoo, then you just need to ask your tattoo artist to show you some sternum tattoos and you can take your pick. A minimal and delicate sternum tattoo will also be really easy to disguise or conceal with a covering top. Therefore, these sternum tattoo designs can be quite discreet and delicate but also extremely stylish and powerful.

Delicate Linework Sternum Tattoo Designs

delicate linework sternum tattoo designs
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If you want a delicate sternum tattoo that is quite detailed and intricate, then you need to check out some linework tattoo designs. Linework tattoos can be a thing of beauty if they are done with exact precision by a skilled artist. Using the linework style, you can create beautiful floral designs or abstract patterns for your sternum tattoo. You will also like these tattoos if you love minimalistic tattoos.

Floral Sternum Tattoo Ideas

floral sternum tattoo ideas
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If you want a sternum tattoo that suits everyone, then you have to look at flower tattoos. Flowers are one of the most popular tattoo designs as they fit in very well with every other tattoo design or on any part of your body. So if you want a cute, light, and minimal sternum tattoo – you cannot go wrong with a delicate flower sternum tattoo. The rose and lotus are two of the most well-liked sternum tattoo designs. However, you can also ask your tattooist to show you designs with other flowers apart from roses and lotuses. After all, every flower carries a deep and special meaning that you may want to express through your own tattoo. For example, an acacia flower symbolizes feelings of yearning and concealed love, while the pink camellia stands for desire. The yellow iris flower stands for passion, while the lavender flowers symbolize grace, serenity, and calmness. Therefore, if you want a piece of beauty on your body, you can just as easily pick a delicate sternum tattoo with a floral motif.

If you really like the idea of a floral sternum tattoo, then here are some beautiful iris tattoo designs for you to check out immediately!

Awesome Ornamental Sternum Tattoo Designs

awesome ornamental sternum tattoo designs
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One of the more popular sternum tattoo designs is the one with an ornamental motif. These tattoo designs resemble a piece of delicate and beautiful jewelry with gems hanging from the delicate pattern. While this ornamental design was mostly used by people for their hand or ankle, more and more women are also embracing this style for their sternum and rib tattoo. You can also add slight coloring like the wearer has done in the image to make your tattoo more special.