10 Best Delhi To Jammu Trains For A Lovely Journey In 2020

Jammu is believed to have existed since the discovery of the Harappan civilization. It is a city that has everything from spectacular views to sniffing lips. There are many ancient temples in Jammu city, of which the temple of Mata Vaishno Devi is one of the most prominent sightseeing places. The city sees many visitors due to the temple and Delhi to Jammu trains A popular choice because they are fast and economical. One night trip and one wakes up to the beauty of this city.

Trains have been a top priority for travelers and pilgrims for generations now. Since uncertain weather conditions make flights very unpredictable, trains become an option spontaneously. Additionally, trains are more affordable and easier to book. Bahu’s Fort, Maa Kali Temple, and the caves of Krishna and Shiva all add to the spiritual aura of Jammu, and once here, one must plan a trip to these attractions in Jammu.

Uttam Delhi to Jammu

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The train ride from Delhi to Jammu is strewn with impressive views and varied topography. From the railway station in Delhi to Jammu Tawi station, the train passes through Punjab. This nine to ten hour long train ride is a comfortable way to prepare for the spiritual journey ahead. Jammu Rajdhani and Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Vande Bharat Express are the most preferred trains on this route.

Delhi to Jammu trains time table

The route has several trains to choose from. There are trains on all days of the week, starting at 06:00 am. Train times are balanced throughout the day, with many generous options to choose from. The last time of trains from Delhi to Jammu leaves at 10:30 am, making it an ideal choice for working professionals.

Vehicle number Train name Departure time Arrival time Travel times Day of operation Fair (in INR)
12425Jammu Capital08:40 AMAt 05:4509 am 05 minAll dayAC First Class – 2,640.00

AC 2 Tier – 2,165.00

AC 3 Tier – 1,570.00

22401Delhi Udhampur AC Superfast10:15 am07:25 AM08 min 10 minMonday, wednesday, saturdayAC First Class – 2,205.00

AC 2 Tier – 1,315.00

AC 3 Tier – 930.00

22,439Mr. VDK Vandabharat06:00 AM12:38 PM06 minutes 38 minutesAll days except tuesdayAC Chair Car – 1,950.00

Executive Chairman Car – 2,335.00

22,461Shree Shakti Express05:30 AM02:55 AM09 at 25 minutesAll dayAC First Class – 2,205.00

AC 2 Tier – 1,315.00

AC 3 Tier – 930.00

12445North s revolution08:50 AM06:15 AM09 at 25 minutesAll dayAC First Class – 2,205.00

AC 2 Tier – 1,315.00

AC 3 Tier – 930.00

Sleeper Class – 355.00

12413All Jat Express10:30 pm08:15 AM09 hours 45 minutesAll dayAC First Class – 2,205.00

AC 2 Tier – 1,315.00

AC 3 Tier – 930.00

Sleeper Class – 355.00

Second seating – 200.00

12477Jamnagar Shamta Express04:14 AMAt 02:3510 o’clock 21 minutesOn wednesday onlyAC 2 Tier – 1,210.00

AC 3 Tier – 855.00

Sleeper Class – 325.00

12549Durg Jammu Superfast Express09:40 AMAt 09:2011 minutes 40 minutesOn wednesday onlyFirst class – 2,035.00

AC 2 Tier – 1,210.00

AC 3 Tier – 855.00

Sleeper Class – 325.00

12919Malwa Express04:38 AM06:10 AM11 am 32 minsAll dayAC 2 Tier – 1,210.00

AC 3 Tier-855.00

Sleeper Class – 325.00

19805Kota Udhampur Express10:30 pm10:40 AM12 o’clock 05 minOn wednesday onlyAC 2 Tier – 1,280.00

AC 3 Tier – 895.00

Sleeper Class – 325.00

pay attention: Timings and fairs are subject to minor changes and will be announced by the Indian Railways on their official website.

Delhi to Jammu trains fare and other information

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The train fare from Delhi to Jammu is as economical as any other train in India. It is the price factor that makes train travel more accessible to all. You can travel to Jammu city at a grand fare as small as INR 325 / – and first class tickets of 2,640 / -. However, the most used train, is Sri VDK Vandabharat, with AC chair car starting at INR 1,950 / -.

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The best way to book a train is to use a government authorized website or app. One can book seats by logging on to https://www.irctc.co.in/. The site is effective and secure for making online payments. The IRCTC website keeps a record of all your bookings and has a user-friendly interface to help you book and reschedule tickets comfortably. Alternatively, one can also make bookings from the booking office and railway stations.

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These were some of the best trains from Delhi to Jammu which are available. The journey is quite scenic and one can book a day train to enjoy the same day. Otherwise, night trains are very convenient and one need not waste their day to reach Jammu from Delhi. Book a trip to Jammu with TravelTriangle and have a hassle holiday!

Frequently asked questions about Delhi to Jammu trains.

Q. How many trains are there from Delhi to Jammu?

a. There are about 47 trains running weekly between Delhi and Jammu.

Q. What is the train fare from Delhi to Jammu?

a. The train fare from Delhi to Jammu is low from INR 325 / – to 2,640. Jammu Rajdhani is one of the most preferred trains, and the AC-ticket-fare is between INR 2,640 / – and INR 1570 / -.

Q. How far is Jammu from Delhi?

a. Jammu is 577 km by train from the country’s capital Delhi. Trains pass from major stations like Panipat, Ambala Cantt and Ludhiana.

Q. When does the first train run from Delhi to Jammu?

a. The first train from Delhi to Jammu is Hpa SVDK Express, which departs from Delhi at 04:12 am. However, the most practical yet preliminary train to take is SVDK Vandebharth, which leaves Delhi at 06:00 am and arrives in just six hours.

Q. What is the name of Jammu railway station?

a. The closed train station of Jammu in Ferozepur Division is called Jammu Tawi. The station code is JAT. It is one of the most important stations in the region and is managed by the Northern Railway Division.

Q. How many platforms are there in Jammu Tawi?

a. The railway station has three operating platforms. The expansion project predicted that this number would increase to nine in the next few years.

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