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10 Best Clock Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

A clock tattoo is a timeless classic design to get inked with! If you’re planning to get one then here is a list of clock tattoo designs you can check out!

Clock Tattoo Ideas
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Clock tattoos symbolize stability, endless love, and mortality.

A clock tattoo can also signify a special moment in one’s life. It depends solely on the wearers as to how they interpret the significance behind their clock tattoo design.

Clock is defined as a mechanical or electrical device used to efficiently calculate time and Peter Henlein is credited for its invention. The evolution of a clock from a sundial to the advanced modern day digital clock is quite fascinating. Clocks are a favourite among many tattoo enthusiasts for its eye catching designs in different styles along with deep symbolism. Here are some great clock tattoo ideas for men and their symbolic interpretations!

Clock With Bird Tattoo

Clock With Bird Tattoo
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It seems like a beautiful hummingbird is flying along with a pocket watch tied to its claws. The roses add to the fascinating beauty of the design. The watch is simplistically detailed in black with crisp patterns along its periphery. The beige plumage of the hummingbird stands in contrast to its blue head. Apart from being a beautiful design, it is also enriched with a deep meaning. A hummingbird flying above flowers represents resilience while the clock tattoo signifies stability.

Clock With Bird Tattoo ideas
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A flying swallow is paired with a beautiful clock tattoo on the back of the wearer. The pair of roses further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the design. The golden clock is shaded in a pink hue on its face with minimal detailing. The red and purple roses are highlighted in white ink along the edge of the petals. Moreover, the red heart is inked with a name and a date referring to a special memory in the life of the wearer. You can also pay tribute to your lost loved ones by inking their birthday on your clock tattoo.

Floral Clock Tattoo

Floral Clock Tattoo
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You can make your clock tattoo look enticing by pairing it up with beautiful flowers. The clock is inked with a stunning rose tattoo on the arm of the wearer. The watch face has a beautiful gold detailing at the centre. The hands of the clock along with the roman numerals are inked in white. Moreover, the red rose with realistic detailing adds to the beauty of the design. Together, the rose with the clock tattoo symbolizes the love that survives the test of time.

Floral Clock Tattoo ideas
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The monochromatic clock is placed with a charming pink rose and a cross in this design. The clock is shaded in black with intricate patterns inked along its periphery. The violet leaves stand in contrast to the pink petals of the roses. The shadow inked below the leaves creates a realistic illusion in the design. Furthermore, the cross brings a touch of spirituality to the design. Perhaps, the clock symbolizes mortality or transitory life while the cross represents the afterlife.

Skull Clock Tattoo

Skull Clock Tattoo
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The clock is inked on the forehead of the realistic skull tattoo. The stunning watercolour effect adds a certain charm to the entire design. The clock is emboldened in black ink with fine detailing. Perhaps, the union of the two designs redefines the mortality of life and the inevitability of death.

Skull Clock Tattoo ideas
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The skull holds the antique clock within the grip of its jaw in this tattoo design. The face of the clock is inked in a contrasting shade of orange and black with intricate inner workings. The numerals of the clock are inked in white on the orange backdrop. The black skull is shaded in a tint of orange that perfectly highlights the frame. Moreover, the bright red rose adds great detailing to the design. The design signifies the transient nature of life and death.

Clock And Compass Tattoo

Clock And Compass Tattoo
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The union of the clock and compass gives rise to a meaningful tattoo design where one represents time and the other direction. The entire design is inked in a combination of red and black ink. The shading on the two designs brings depth to the tattoo. A pair of flying birds, inked on the design, further enhances its meaning. Perhaps, it symbolizes the fleeting nature of time that waits for none. Hence, it is important to have a sense of direction or purpose in life to utilize the time judiciously.

Clock And Compass Tattoo ideas
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The clock and the compass are represented as a single entity in this unique design. The design is shaded using a fluid watercolour effect which creates a stunning visual. The clock is detailed with thin strokes of lines along its circumference. Moreover, the arrow and the dart add to the design’s mystery and enrich its symbolism. The clock tattoo serves as a reminder of the brevity of time. Additionally, the arrow and the compass signify the direction that will guide the wearer towards taking the right path in life at the correct time.

Halloween Clock Tattoo

Halloween Clock Tattoo
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This mysterious tattoo design portrays the antique grandfather clock in a Halloween theme. The clock’s face is detailed with a spider web at the centre. It is highlighted with tiny white dots along its periphery. The tattoo artist has inked a pumpkin on the bob end of the pendulum. Perhaps, it is meant to frighten away evil spirits on the day of Halloween. Furthermore, the black leaves and the crescent moon enhance the spookiness of the clock tattoo. The tiny human skull placed in between two pumpkins at the bottom of the clock is not one to be missed either!

Halloween Clock Tattoo ideas
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The unconventional design portrays a crescent moon along with a clock tattoo. The tattoo artist has inked a human skull on the moon to enhance the spookiness of the design. The roman numerals are inked in bold lines along the circumference of the clock. The girl on the swing adds to the mystery of the clock tattoo design. You can also opt for colours to portray this mysterious clock tattoo design.

Unique Clock Tattoo

Unique Clock Tattoo
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This abstract design of a melting clock can be a great first tattoo idea. The entire design is inked in a monochromatic shade with crisp details. The artist has given a realistic touch to the hands of the clock by inking the shadow underneath. The simple yet detailed melting clock tattoo can be placed anywhere on the skin according to your preference.

Unique Clock Tattoo ideas
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Monochromatic Clock Tattoo

Monochromatic Clock Tattoo
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The broken clock tattoo is inked with intricate detailing on the skin of the wearer. Half of the clock has broken into tiny pieces. The cracks on the face of the clock are highlighted in white. A clock symbolizes the mortal nature of human existence while a broken clock represents the indifference of the wearer towards it. It also means that an unreliable person can also provide the right solution to a problem at times.

Monochromatic Clock Tattoo ideas
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A tiny clock is inked on the anatomical heart tattoo design. The realistic detailing of the heart with its veins and arteries enhances the aesthetics of this design. The clock is kept simple in monochrome with crisp detailing on the dial. Perhaps, the heart tattoo with the clock signifies the people in our lives who have positively impacted our lives. The beating heart with the clock also represents that the time on earth is limited. Hence, it is a reminder to live each day to the fullest.

Clock With Butterfly Tattoo

Clock With Butterfly Tattoo
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A beautiful clock is inked along with a flight of butterflies on the shoulder of the wearer. The clock is inked with great detailing in monochrome. The intricate patterns on the hands of the clock give it an antique touch. Moreover, the beautiful butterflies bring a vibrant charm to the design with their fluttering purple wings. The realistic detailing of the butterflies further enhances their beauty.

Clock With Butterfly Tattoo ideas
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A pair of butterflies are inked with a mysterious clock in this stunning tattoo art. A piercing blue eye is inked at the centre of the clock’s face. The detailing on the eyes is done with perfection and is the focal point of attention in the design. The red and purple butterflies are highlighted with a few spots of white on their vibrant wings. The eye symbolizes god watching over humanity while the ticking clock represents the time between life and death. This eye clock tattoo should be placed on the back or arm where there is enough space to elaborate on the details.

Clock With Snake Tattoo

Clock With Snake Tattoo
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This tattoo design has a snake coiled around a pocket clock with beautiful floral detailing. The pocket watch is shaded in grey with minimal detailing. The serpent is inked with vibrant patterns in green and yellow ink on its skin. Its forked tongue is shaded in brown while its eyes are inked in yellow. The flowers are shaded in a pale blue tint with contrasting grey leaves. Together, the clock and the snake tattoo represent the presence of an afterlife.

Stunning Clock Tattoo

Stunning Clock Tattoo
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The clock is paired with a galaxy tattoo art that gives a striking look to the design. The clock is highlighted in a golden hue along its circumference while the numerals and the hands are emboldened in black. The galaxy, beautifully portrayed in a watercolour inking style with millions of shining stars, makes the whole tattoo pop. The galaxy represents the vastness of the universe while the clock signifies the brevity of time.

Stunning Clock Tattoo ideas
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The enchanting tattoo design portrays the clock with a pair of fish in a watercolour effect. The subtle blend of vibrant colours in the design makes it look like canvas art. The clock is shaded in a multicoloured hue on the top. The pair of fishes, swimming in the opposite direction, represents the eternal journey of human life after death followed by reincarnation. Perhaps, it is the symbol of the Pisces zodiac. Similarly, you can personalize your clock tattoo by pairing it with your zodiac symbol.

Clock tattoos are enriched with meaningful symbolism and can be tattooed in a multitude of inking styles. You can give a personal touch to your clock tattoo by inking important dates that bear a special significance in your life. Pairing these creative designs with other elements like compasses or skulls further enriches its symbolism. Take a look at the following mens clock tattoo ideas which includes birth clock tattoo ideas and grandfather clock tattoo ideas that will get you inspired for your next ink!

  1. Shoulder tattoos for men of a monochromatic watch with a flying bird
  2. Pocket watch tattoo in fine lines on the upper arm
  3. Digital clock tattoo in a black and white style on the leg
  4. Melting clock tattoo with abstract detailing on the shoulder
  5. Clock face paired with an hourglass tattoo
  6. Grandfather clock tattoo in a vibrant hue on the back
  7. Heart clock tattoo with floral motifs on the arm
  8. Broken clock tattoo with a pair of butterflies on the hand
  9. Birth clock tattoo in a watercolour inking style on the shoulder
  10. Pocket watches inked in monochrome with a flying bird
  11. Multiple clocks paired with a lion tattoo on the arm
  12. Large back design of traditional clocks

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