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In search of some name tattoo ideas? Then we have some of the best butterfly tattoo with name ideas for showing your appreciation.

Butterfly Tattoo With Name
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Butterfly tattoos symbolize love and friendship.

The beauty of butterflies increases the aesthetic appeal of every tattoo idea. For this reason, butterflies are one of the most popular tattoo designs in the whole world.

The butterfly tattoo meaning along with the simplicity of designs attract many to get these tattoos. Many popular celebrities including Harry Styles, Kylie Jenner, and Shawn Mendes flaunt butterfly tattoos. Adding a name to these tattoos shows your appreciation and love for the person. Take a look at some of the best butterfly name tattoo designs.

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo With Name
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Butterfly tattoos look cute and chic on any part of the body. A group of tiny butterflies flying in different directions makes the tattoo a dynamic one. A name of a close one is written in a stylish font below the tiny butterfly tattoos. The entire tattoo is created using black ink. If you are looking for butterfly tattoos with multiple butterflies, then this piece is a great one. Three butterflies on the top are flying with open wings revealing the detailed work on the butterfly’s bodies while the lower ones resemble a static position.

The tattoo has a sleek design and looks better when placed vertically like in the image. Here it is tattooed above the ankle, however, this piece will also look good on the side wrist. If you want to place the name tattoo in a less flashy place, then the chest or the ribs are also great choices for tattoo placement.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo With Name
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If tribal tattoos are your thing, then this small butterfly tattoo design will definitely catch your attention. The butterfly tattoo looks unique from all other butterfly tattoos. Often butterfly tattoos are considered girly because of the feminity of the symbol. However, this versatile piece looks good on both men and women.

A butterfly is drawn with dark black ink with bold lines. The tattoo is a hollow one. The upper wings look like they are on flames and the lower wings are attached to the upper ones. The body of the butterfly looks like a black cross. The tattoo is designed in a gothic style and placed on the upper part of the forearm. Just above the small butterfly tattoo, a name is written in the Celtic font, so this piece can also be used as a Celtic butterfly tattoo with a name.

Simple Butterfly Tattoo With Initials Of A Name

Simple Butterfly Tattoo With Initials Of A Name
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Writing names of a loved one with a tattoo design is a popular choice for many people. Butterfly tattoos represent young love. Often people get a butterfly tattoo with a name as body art dedicated to their loved one. However, if you want to keep the name of your lover a mystery, then tattooing the initials of their name is a very intelligent choice.

The tattoo above is not an ordinary name tattoo, the name with the butterfly tattoo is added artistically to increase the aesthetic appeal of the body art. A small black butterfly tattoo is drawn sideways on the arm. The butterfly seems to be attracted to a design that apparently looks like musical harmony. If you examine the tattoo closely, you will see that the musical harmonies are actually two J’s placed together. Perhaps, it symbolizes the initials of a loved one. If you also want to get a name tattoo of this sort, then this stunning piece might be just perfect.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo With Name
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Looking for butterfly tattoos with classic and timeless design? Then this piece right here will match your preference. If you are looking for elegant chest tattoos for women, then this beautiful monarch butterfly tattoo is perfect. The combination of butterfly tattoo and floral elements has a delicate touch of womanhood. The butterfly tattoo is completed using red ink. The red and black butterfly tattoo when placed on the chest, it enhances the sex appeal of the tattoo and attractiveness by a great deal.

The additional designs in the artwork make this tattoo an eye-catching one. The tattoo is placed on the chest in this example, however, this intricate will also look amazing on the inner thigh or the back. A sexy butterfly tattoo of this nature when placed on a relatively exposed spot on the body can be a flattering focal point complimenting your passion for style.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo With Name
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This is another monarch butterfly tattoo idea if you are looking for a classic design for butterfly tattoos. This is a stunning piece and combining it with a name tattoo shows how much you love and care for that person. The butterfly tattoo is a large one, this has enabled the tattoo artist to add elaborate details to the butterfly’s wings. If you are looking forward to get a butterfly tattoo on the upper arm, then this piece is ideal.

It seems that the butterfly has just landed on the flower and it is seated with its wings wide open. Every detail of the monarch butterfly’s body can be observed nicely in this elegant artwork. The leaves are shaded with black in the background to highlight the butterfly. A nametag is added to the butterfly tattoo and it fits perfectly in the overall piece enhancing its beauty.

Butterfly Chest Tattoo With Name

Butterfly Chest Tattoo With Names
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Talking about how beautiful butterfly tattoos look bold when placed on the chest, we offer you an aesthetic butterfly tattoo design for your chest to compliment your artistic choices. Make your magination run wild by combining butterfly tattoo designs with other elements. Butterflies represent beauty and love, they bring thoughts of spring, new beginnings, and new life. The butterfly tattoo designs that serve the purpose of depicting such meanings are loved by people more.

A tattoo does not always need bright colors to be an impactful tattoo. For example, the monochromatic floral butterfly tattoo above says a lot without having any color. A beautiful crescent moon-like structure is created using two flowers and leaves. The tattoo extends with a small text that looks like a part of the moon where you can incorporate the name of your loved one. Three small butterflies are flying surrounding the garland of flowers as if they are attracted to the aesthetic beauty of the floral elements in the tattoo as will be the viewers.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Blue Butterfly Tattoo With Name
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A blue butterfly tattoo looks mesmerizing when placed on the skin. The blue color of the butterfly compliments the skin in a perfect way. Pairing it with a name tattoo inked in black creates a smart tattoo. Such a tattoo defines your personality and style in the best way possible. This butterfly wrist tattoo is ideal for both men and women however, they can be placed in different places on the body according to your choice.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has inked two blue butterfly tattoos on the wrist. The butterfly tattoo looks realistic and forms a beautiful artwork. The icy blue wings are sober in the eyes of the viewers which is definitely going to fetch the wearer loads of compliments. Adding a name with this beautiful butterfly tattoo shows your love and appreciation for the person.

Forearm Butterfly With Name Tattoo

Forearm Butterfly With Name Tattoo
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A serene butterfly tattoo featuring a name looks pretty on the arm. The simple and small butterfly tattoo with the name is inked on the forearm of the person who tattooed the piece. If you are looking for cute butterfly tattoo ideas, then this piece fits perfectly. The theme of the arm butterfly tattoo is simplicity.

Tiny butterfly tattoos have been gaining recognition for a while now. Small tattoos are quite impactful when drawn with precision. A simple black butterfly outline is tattooed on the forearm, by looking at the tattoo it can be said that the butterfly is flying towards the flowers tattooed beneath the butterflies. The butterfly flower tattoo is accompanied by a name tattoo on the side. The flowers are tattooed with fade ink and the entire tattoo focuses on the name tattoo with butterfly. This simple butterfly design represents happiness and encourages you to start a fresh chapter in life.

Unique Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Unique Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Butterfly tattoo designs look quite pretty when tattooed with precision and grace. The butterfly back tattoo enticing piece. It is also a perfect example of a butterfly name tattoo since the name plays its part in enhancing the beauty of the tattoo. Two colorful butterflies are drawn on the back and the name fits perfectly between them. The tattoo design is very feminine, particularly young girls are attracted to the design more. The simplicity of the design mixed with bright colors results in one of the best butterfly tattoos with a name.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo With Name
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A splash of vibrant colors on the skin will attract viewers vividly no matter how simple the design is. Adding colors to your butterfly tattoo enhances its beauty and grace. The vibrant butterfly tattoo represents joy, it symbolizes new beginnings and is a sign to start afresh. Multiple colors, like red, blue, green, and yellow are used to make the tattoo. In some places, the tattoo is bordered by black. The refreshing butterfly tattoo has a name attached to it on the top. If you want a colorful butterfly tattoo with the name of someone special inked on the body, then you can refer to this piece.

Now that you are aware of so many butterfly tattoo ideas incorporated with the name of a loved one, it is time to get a personalized tattoo for yourself. If you are still skeptical about the perfect tattoo design, then take a look at some additional tattoo ideas that will help you to choose.

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