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Are you looking for a feminine tattoo design? Here is a list of the top ten butterfly back tattoos that are suitable for women and men.

Butterfly tattoo on the back
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When you are planning to get a tattoo, the one thing that bothers you the most is the tattoo design.

Honestly, don’t decide on the tattoo design and going to the tattoo artist doesn’t make sense. Of all the tattoo designs, butterfly tattoos are the most sought after.

Butterfly tattoos have stood the test of time and are on the list of popular tattoo designs today. In the world of tattooing, people admire and fascinate butterflies due to their bright colors, beautiful image and historical meanings attributed to them. It is thanks to the symbolic meanings that butterfly tattoo designs have become the favorites of clients and tattoo artists.

Before understanding the different meanings associated with butterfly tattoos, it is important to understand their growth mechanism. Before a butterfly develops its wings, it is seen in the form of a caterpillar. Each butterfly undergoes this metamorphosis. In this transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the caterpillar first closes into a chrysalis and then transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Gradually, the butterfly’s wings develop and its color intensifies once it comes out of its cocoon. The whole transformation process is a metaphor that can be linked to the transformation of a person from an evil path to a good one.

Different cultures have different meanings associated with butterfly tattoos. While the meaning of a butterfly tattoo stands for joy and grace, the other butterfly tattoo can mean love and immortality. In Chinese culture, butterfly tattoos represent grace, immortality, summer, and joy. On the other hand, in Japan, a butterfly back tattoo can mean something related to marriage and marriage. Therefore, the vast meanings that can be associated with tattooed butterflies make them more stylish and popular.

Since butterfly tattoo designs are such a unique form of body art, here is a list of the top ten tattoo butterflies that are sure to impress you. We understand how difficult it is to select a butterfly tattoo or think of a custom butterfly tattoo from a sea of ​​butterfly tattoo designs. Therefore, we have selected the top ten tattoo butterflies to help you choose a perfect tattoo. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of butterfly tattoo ideas.

Cute butterfly tattoo in black

Cute butterfly tattoo in black
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Here is a butterfly tattoo inked with simple black ink. What makes the tattoo beautiful is the way the butterfly’s wings are inked. This butterfly tattoo design is suitable for the back for both women and men. Although this is a butterfly hand tattoo, the design can be inked on the back.

Cute Butterfly Tattoo In Blacks ideas
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If you are looking for a unique butterfly tattoo, you have come to the right place. The outline of the butterfly of the tattoo is inked with black. To make the butterfly’s wings exotic, the artist used a purple color. This watercolor effect not only makes the butterfly tattoo a beautiful piece but also gives a more feminine look to the tattoo.

Shaded butterfly tattoo with quotes

Shaded butterfly tattoo with quote ideas
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If you want to make tattoo butterflies catch the attention of many women, here is an idea for a shaded tattoo suitable for any part of the body. This is a small butterfly tattoo where the artist used the needle to impart a shade so beautiful it looked like a 3D butterfly design.

Shaded butterfly tattoo with quotes
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Here is another small butterfly tattoo that has a similar shading effect to the previous one. This is more like a watercolor butterfly back tattoo that looks out of this world. This is a unique design where the artist has inked a monarch butterfly. Again, the shading effect of the monarch butterfly gives a 3D effect.

Melting butterfly tattoo

Melting butterfly tattoo
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If you are looking for a butterfly tattoo that stands out from the crowd, here is a butterfly tattoo that melts. Not only does it look amazing, but the design the tattoo is inked in also makes it unique. Such tattoo designs are a great option if you want to get a tattoo on your back. Also, instead of one, two butterflies can be drawn.

Melting butterfly tattoos
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The next tattoo is another butterfly tattoo that can be done on a small space in the body. Just like the previous tattoo butterflies, this is another melt butterfly tattoo that symbolizes beauty and inspiration. The delicate wings of the butterfly make it a suitable back tattoo for girls.

Half Butterfly And Flower Tattoo

Half Butterfly And Flower Tattoo
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If you like colorful tattoos then this is a watercolor butterfly tattoo combined with flowers. The beauty of the tattoo is in the wings of the butterfly. If you notice the tattoo butterfly carefully, you will see that one wing of the butterfly is inked with flowers. The way the floral design is presented is reminiscent of a butterfly wing. Such delicate tattoo ideas look amazing on a woman’s shoulder or arm.

Half butterfly and flower tattoos
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Here is another butterfly tattoo on the back where half of the butterfly makes up a floral design. This is not only a unique tattoo idea for a woman, but also one of the most suitable butterfly back tattoos. To make it a watercolor butterfly, add some color that represents beauty and elegance.

Multiple butterfly tattoos

Multiple butterfly tattoos
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If you want to adorn your back with more than one butterfly, this tattooed butterfly is for you. To create this trio of delicate watercolor butterflies, the artist will need to use various types of tattoo needles. The inspiration that can be drawn from this butterfly tattoo is that of love, energy, passion and zeal to start over.

Multiple butterfly tattoo ideas
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If you want a lively butterfly tattoo on your back, here is a butterfly tattoo decorated with some sparkling stars. The way the stars surround the butterflies indicates something celebratory. Such tattoo ideas are suitable for people who are looking for body art to celebrate an important event.

Butterfly tattoos with quotes

Butterfly tattoos with quotes
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Many people follow a certain principle or believe in some maxim. If you want to share it with the whole world, what else can be better than getting a tattoo! An even better idea would be to combine this quote with a butterfly tattoo as shown here.

Butterfly tattoo ideas with quotes
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Here is another butterfly tattoo that is inked with a suitable quote. Such tattoo styles look amazing on a person’s back. To create such tattoos with quotes, the artist should pay attention to the details of the design and shapes. The quote you choose can be about the memory of your family members or someone close to you. The butterfly tattoo shown here is decorated with a fern.

3D blue butterfly tattoo

3D blue butterfly tattoo
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If you have a soft corner for blue butterflies, here is a butterfly tattoo relevant for you. The way the tattoo is drawn makes it look like a watercolor butterfly tattoo on the back. The wings of the blue butterfly symbolize life and its journey. The blue ink used on the skin to draw such butterflies makes the tattoo stand out.

3D blue butterfly tattoos
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Here is another blue butterfly tattoo that represents good luck. Such a butterfly tattooed with blue ink also means happiness in life. Therefore, if you want to highlight peace and the importance of good luck in your life, such a butterfly tattoo in blue is the best design you can get.

Red butterfly tattoo

Red butterfly tattoo
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Here is another watercolor butterfly tattoo design that is suitable for a person’s back. Geenrally, a red butterfly when tattooed, means passions and love. Again, in Scotland, such a tattoo stands for masked witches. The two butterflies shown here are more decorated with floral motifs.

Red butterfly tattoos
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If you are looking for small tattoos with multiple butterflies, the design is right in front of you. According to Native Americans, red butterflies symbolize good luck and the charm that comes your way.

Minimal butterfly tattoo in black

Minimal butterfly tattoo in black
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Are you someone who prefers simple tattoo ideas? Here is a minimal butterfly tattoo idea where the artist only used black ink. Inking this tattoo with just one tattoo will make it look neat and precise.

Minimal butterfly tattoo in black ideas
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If you are a monarch butterfly lover, this simple tattoo is definitely for you. For such butterflies, the lines the artist inks are important as they create the monarch style in the butterflies. Not only is this tattoo suitable for the back, it will also look great on the wrist.

White butterfly tattoo

White butterfly tattoo
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The white color stands for purity and honesty. Likewise this white ink back butterfly tattoo represents salvation and purity.

White butterfly tattoo ideas
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Here is another delicate butterfly tattoo in white. The shading done in the tattoo makes it even more valuable. Plus, the pop of color adds fashion to the design.

Now that you have gone through all the tattoos, it will be easier for you to choose a butterfly design for your back. If you have trouble choosing the design, ask the tattoo artist to help you. Also, give the tattoo time to heal. Follow the tattoo artist’s instructions and your back tattoo will heal soon. To sport a tattoo on your back, wear something that shows your back. Also, tie your hair in a ponytail or a tight bun to make the tattoo visible.

Since butterfly tattoos are so vibrant, here are some other back tattoo ideas.

  • Colorful butterfly back tattoo with peony flowers
  • Ornamental butterfly tattoo on the back
  • Butterfly back tattoo with mandala art
  • Butterfly back tattoo with celtic elements
  • Butterfly puzzle tattoo

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