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10 Best Butterflies Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! |

There is a plethora of cultural significance embedded in butterflies tattoo. You should check this section to know more about butterfly tattoo designs.

Butterflies Tattoo Ideas
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Are you someone who relishes the pure joy of seeing the little wings of a butterfly, especially when it is engraved on the skin?

Want to know more about butterfly tattoo designs? Here is a list where you will find all the solutions.

A tattoo artist creates masterpieces for tattoo lovers. Tattoos are symbolic in nature. Every tattoo, crafted on the skin, bears an underlying idea, reformation, transformation, love, etc. Depending on the vision and creativity, a tattoo artist forms the design.

Butterflies are a symbol of beauty due to their sheer vibrant colours. Butterfly tattoos present everything from being feminine to bold.

A butterfly tattoo is a beautiful artwork. It has more to give than just the idea of spiritual rebirth and freedom. A butterfly tattoo on the skin is an inspiration and a metaphor for one’s breakthrough in life. Butterfly tattoos can represent an escape from the mundaneness, endurance, hope, joy, new life, inspiration, and eternal souls. In many cultural themes, it is associated with angelic messengers, weddings, and happy moments.

In the Christian theory, a butterfly tattoo meaning can be a resurrection. In Japan, a butterfly tattoo revolves around the bows of wedding bells. In Ireland, a butterfly tattoo has its roots in Irish folklore, where the souls are remembered.

This delicate insect can be petite and at the same time fierce in the hands of the tattoo artist. The charge of butterfly tattoo designs varies on the size, shape, and depiction of your design choice. Great locations like New York, London, Paris, and so on, have talented tattoo artists who will transform your life with gorgeous tattoo engraving.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Tattoo
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A blue butterfly has an enchanting aura and when seen as a  tattoo, it gives a sense of calmness. Its mesmerising aquatic colour will transport you to the depths of the salty water. Although its literal meaning is considered as a good luck charm, it also denotes peace, authority, and stability, just like the ocean. It also represents blissful life.

This enchanting butterfly tattoo design is ideal to ink on your arms and ears. Its oceanic colour will become the highlight of your body part.  Also, it is to be noted that it can be accompanied by numerous objects such as a contrast of monochromatic head skulls, flowers, daggers, hands, and even birth dates. As represented in the picture, it has a tattoo of a hand and a butterfly. It is a beautiful representation of a carefree spirit and new beginnings.

Also in many areas, blue butterflies are rare to envisage. Thus, it is very pleasing to the eye when you become a spectator of them.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo
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Monarch butterfly tattoo ideas are classy yet hold a distinct style. Like the image, two monarch butterflies are an embodiment of love and bonding. If you want to engrave a special bond with someone, going for this style is appropriate for you. For all the men out there, inking the tattoo on your leg will be a great idea.

Monarch butterfly tattoos represent class and freedom. In some cultures, this butterfly design pays respect to the deceased loved ones. Young people often ink this monarch butterfly imagery in remembrance of their loved ones. The presentation of the butterfly is much sombre yet intriguing. It also means positivity, deep faith, and strong belief.

Colourful Butterfly Tattoo

Colourful Butterfly Tattoo
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This colourful butterfly tattoo is a paradigm of vibrance and the beautification of natural beauty. The colours are a gift of God that connotes the joyful aspects of life. Different colours have different meanings. Here, we have three colourful butterflies. What do 3 butterflies mean tattoo? The image of three butterflies signifies positive thinking and energy, along with undergoing a reformation. A coloured butterfly tattoo altogether denotes a reformation with a positive outlook towards life.

A purple tattoo is a sign of resilience and one who has conquered health issues. Blue butterfly tattoos can be easily clubbed with an orange-coloured one. Yellow ones resemble happiness, whereas white offers purity and freshness. What does a blue and orange butterflies tattoo mean? The portrayal of these two butterflies is quite interesting; visually, it looks spectacular when two different hues come in contrast to each other. It resonates with longevity, vitality, and uniqueness.

Whether you want to ink three or two butterflies, a sleeve tattoo will be a good choice if you want to flaunt it to the world. Many women embrace it on the chest as well.

It is worth mentioning how perfectly the three butterflies tattoo on arm are aligned. They can be inked in the form of tiny tattoos. It shows how much skill a tattoo artist possesses. If you haven’t selected butterfly tattoo designs, you can opt for this one.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoos

Traditional Butterfly Tattoos
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A traditional butterfly tattoo is simply stunning for its elegance. Sometimes, they are portrayed rather in a simplistic manner, yet it is a popular choice among tattoo-lovers who want to fit the design in-between other tattoo designs. Many people prefer the tattoo alone or you can tell your tattoo artist to craft additional elements along with it. Men usually want a collection of various animal tattoos along with it. Here this picture depicts a butterfly tattoo surrounded by a snake, an eagle, and a tiger.

These tattoo design ideas are more suitable for men. They can embed this design on delicate and private parts as well.

Realistic Butterfly Tattoos

Realistic Butterfly Tattoos
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Realistic butterfly tattoos are unique pieces. Nowadays, this tattoo design is attracting young people. The most popular tattoo choice is the 3D realistic butterfly tattoo. Therefore, your next ink should be on this.

Realistic butterflies embody bright colours. A tattoo artist will suggest you these delicate insects in small butterfly tattoos or large butterfly tattoos, as per your choice. In this given image, this beautiful multicoloured butterfly has been inked on the arm. For colour choice, royal blue is perfect for this type of design. However, red, orange, green, purple, and yellow colours transform the scenario.

You must be wondering how to pull off such an attention-seeking ink tattoo? To create this tattoo design, the shoulder, and different body parts such as the abdomen and chest can be used. Men can also opt for this look.

Unique Butterfly Tattoo

Unique Butterfly Tattoo
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A truly unique piece, this butterfly tattoo captures the eyes of the beholder within seconds. You are given the authority to create any imaginary design according to your wishes. In this image, beautiful flowers are enclosed in the shadows of a black butterfly tattoo. It is classy yet poignant.

Even if you are not good at creating a design like this, you can surely take help from your talented tattoo artist. Your only job is to convey your ideas and the physical dimension of the tattoo. Also, you need to keep in mind that according to your body part, you should decide the size of the tattoo. Inking on the arm will generally require a medium to a large structure if it is a single butterfly tattoo. So, will this be your next piece?

Large Butterfly Tattoo

Large Butterfly Tattoo
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Large butterfly tattoos showcase larger wings with in-detail artwork. Its beauty lies in its humongous size. Be it a monarch butterfly or a traditional butterfly, this tattoo can be everything you can ask for.

Preferable locations are the arm, shoulder, and even on the left foot. It can be inked in any colour from monochrome to bright bold colours. A butterfly thigh tattoo is the most desirable location since the design can have a larger surface.

Watercolour Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Watercolour Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Watercolour tattoos are most suitable if you opt for a small butterfly tattoo. This tattoo shows two butterfly tattoos in a purple shade, created on the shoulder. Its beauty lies in the high-spirited and energetic colour, crafted on the wings of this delicate insect.

The watercolour tattoo artist will give you the choice to choose from a range of colours, shapes, and sizes. It can be inked on any part of the body. Many women prefer butterflies behind the ear tattoo.

Black Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Black Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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Black butterfly tattoos have a mysterious vibe if you look at the image. The design in black ink represents a swallowtail butterfly. The beauty of black butterfly tattoo designs has a separate fanbase. It is sleek and simplicity attracts numerous young generations.

In the natural world, it is rare to come across a black butterfly. Its uniqueness lies in its individuality and boldness. It also gives the idea of the human life cycle- birth and death are part of life.

This particular tattoo can be inked on the shoulder, arms, thighs, and even on the abdomen. A small butterfly tattoo can also be drawn behind the ear. Black ink is used to carve the design. Delicate parts are a great location for men. They often add elements like skull, dagger, name initials, birth dates, or red roses along with it.

Flowers and Butterflies Tattoo

Flowers and Butterflies Tattoo
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The collection of flowers and butterfly tattoos is an iconic design. It has been used in different forms for ages. Flowers and butterflies go hand in hand. The symbolism present here is the transformation of life, wonderful moments, and peace. This image is a portrayal of a small butterfly tattoo, along with the flowers. This tattoo design is a projection of a feminine personality, especially a rose and butterfly tattoo.

The dimension of this particular tattoo design can range from small butterfly tattoo designs to large designs depending on the body parts.

Butterfly tattoos represent life in all its forms. Both men and women can engrave this butterfly tattoo on themselves. Its creative and colourful nature has allured millions for ages. If your ideas and morals match all these tattoo designs, your search should stop here. You should look for the best tattoo design studios available nearby to get yourself inked with any one of these butterfly tattoos.

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