10 Best Birthdate tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Some birthdates are undoubtedly one of the most special dates in a year. Keep reading to find some amazing birthdate tattoo ideas!

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A birthdate is a special day for a lot of people as it implies the day they were born or their favorite people were born.

Birth date tattoos are a sweet reminder of the people you love and the love you hold for them. Birth date tattoos signify that you care about them enough to carry important facts about them in a special place.

There can be a variety of birthdate tattoo designs. However, the most popular design consists of beautiful fonts date tattoos where the person gets the year or date tattooed on them. These tattoos are also very easy for placement as you can put them anywhere you want. The special date can be your own birthday or birth year, or the birth date of your parent, siblings, significant other or even your best friend. A lot of people get tattoos of the birthdates of their children since the birth of their own son and daughter is a momentous occasion in their lives that they want to cherish forever.

Therefore, if you are on the search for some beautiful birth date tattoo ideas for guys, go ahead and look at these awesome tattoo designs!

Minimal Birthdate Tattoo Designs

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People have varying tastes when it comes to the kind of tattoos they like. Some people may prefer large, bold, striking tattoos with heavy strokes and dark ink. Some people also prefer to stick to a more minimal and aesthetic style. If you identify with the second category of people, then you should try and find some birth date tattoos which are quite small and simple. In the picture above, the wearer has gotten some dates tattooed in really small fonts along their arm. You can also follow the same design for getting your wedding date tattooed on your body. You can also choose other important dates from your life like the birthday of your best friend or closest friends whom you consider family.

Adorable Tattoos For Birthdates Of Children

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The birth of a child is always a special date for the child’s parents. After all, that is the day they enter this earth and the parents can finally meet them after a long wait of 9 months. Consequently, a lot of parents look for ideas for birth date tattoos that they can get to celebrate and treasure the birth of their child. This is a beautiful idea for body art as it expresses the love a father or mother has for their child.

There are a number of birth date tattoo designs that parents can choose from to honor the birth of their child. Some designs incorporate the birth date of the child along with their name. Some people also put tattoos of small feet beside the birth date to imply how small their children were after birth. In addition to that, you can also follow the design in the picture above, and use a cute symbol to signify your child. The wearer has gotten the tattoo of a cute and tiny tiger to show the birth of their baby. You can also use Roman numeral script for the birth date tattoo.

Awesome Birthdate Tattoo Ideas With Roman Numerals

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While most of us choose Arabic numerals for our date tattoo designs, Roman numeral designs also enjoy the same amount of popularity. A lot of people choose to get tattoos in the Roman numeral script as it looks more unique and unconventional. The letter-script system of the Roman numeral style also looks more stylish and elegant. A lot of people get their lucky numbers tattooed in Roman numeral style and you can do the same with your birth date tattoo.

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The best part about Roman numeral tattoos is that you can place them anywhere on your body and they will look great. As a result, you can easily put Roman numeral tattoos on your chest in bold fonts or you can also get a small and simple Roman numeral tattoo near your elbow or your wrist. You can also ask your tattoo artist to add multiple colors to the Roman numeral birthdate tattoo if you don’t like monochromatic, black-colored tattoos.

Here are some awesome Roman numeral tattoo ideas if you want to look at more Roman numeral art for your body.

Adorable Family Chart Tattoo Design With Birthdates

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One of the most beautiful and popular birth date tattoos is the family chart tattoo. Here, the wearer traces the birthdates of their descendants through a genealogical line. It can be in the form of a pretty family tree where you write the birth dates of your grandparents, parents, siblings, and young children. Otherwise, you can also choose a more simple design of simply tracing their birth dates on straight lines. This is a beautiful tattoo idea to display your love, loyalty, and dedication to your family. You can even add a wedding date to the tattoo to make it more detailed. If you choose a larger tattoo then it may cost more but the end result will definitely be worth it.

Beautiful Birthdate Tattoos With Floral Motif

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If you are someone who likes large, complex and messy tattoos, then you can also look into ideas to enhance your simple or minimal birth date tattoos. One of the easiest ways to add to your tattoo to make it look fuller and more beautiful is to add flowers to it. You can choose any flower of your choice and add it to the birth date tattoo. If you are getting a birth date tattoo based on your romantic partner’s birth date, then you can add a lovely red rose tattoo along with it to express your love and affection for her. Similarly, you can use a yellow-colored rose tattoo to signify that the birth date tattoo is based on your best friend’s birthday. You can also leave complete creative control to your tattoo artist and let them work their magic as they add a number of beautiful floral tattoos to your birth date tattoo.

If you want to make your birth date tattoo more meaningful, you can also look up the flowers associated with each month of the year. If you are born in November, you can get the birth date tattoo along with a tattoo of a Chrysanthemum flower as that is the birth month flower. For people born in October, you can add marigold flower or cosmos flower to their birth date tattoo. This is another brilliant idea that you can use to make your tattoo more personal and lovely.

Here are some more ideas for lovelyyellow rose tattoodesigns that are especially popular among women.

Lovely Tattoo Designs For Celebrating Birthdays

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Some birth date tattoos can also become memorial tattoos if you choose to commemorate the loved one who has passed away. A lot of men and women get tattoos with the birth and date death of their mother or father in order to commemorate and treasure their memories. These tattoos remind them of the love their parent had for them and makes them feel closer to the person who is no longer on earth with them.

Birthdate Tattoos That Can Be Placed Anywhere

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If you have decided to get a birth date tattoo, you don’t need to worry much about its placement. These pieces of body art will look beautiful regardless of the site where you place them. A lot of people choose to put the dates on their fingers, wrists, shoulder, collar bone area, back of the neck, arm or even near their ankles. However, the placement may matter if you choose to get the tattoo on a part of your body where the skin is too thin. Getting a tattoo on an area where the skin is too thin often means more pain for the wearer.

Bright And Colorful Birth Date Tattoos

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A birth date is a special date that brings cheer and joy for the person and the people around them. It is a day when everyone celebrates the person and shower them with gifts. People also host parties to be with their loved ones as they cut cake, blow out candles and then eat a lot of good food. Some birthday parties can be a little wild with a lot of dancing while others may just be a warm and quiet event with people talking to each other. Regardless of how you choose to spend your birthday, it should always be a bright and colorful day.

As a result, you can definitely choose a tattoo design that will reflect cheer and happiness. The best way to make your tattoo design more attractive and beautiful is to add colors to it. You can also ask for subtle, pastel shades or bright, neon colors depending on your tastes and preferences. A colorful tattoo will look quite attractive even from a distance.

Birth Date Tattoos With The Name Of The Loved One

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While some people get a birth date tattoo design with just the year or date, others go for a name and birthdate tattoo design. This is the perfect way to express your love for someone as you write their name on your body along with their birth date. Consequently, you can place this tattoo on the lower half of your arm or on your back. You can also put this tattoo on your thigh if you can handle pain reasonably well. These tattoos are reasonably easy to create and will not take much time to complete as well. You can also talk to your tattoo artist beforehand to settle on a font for the name that you like the most.

Unique Birthdate Tattoo With Beautiful Fonts

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For tattoos that only consist of dates, it is up to the wearer and the tattoo artist to work on the design as creatively as possible so that it can easily stand out in a crowd. After all, a plain and simple font for the date tattoo may not look as distinct or attractive. Therefore, you can ask your tattoo artist to use unconventional styles like handpoked method for the tattoo. You can also ask them to incorporate some quirky and unique fonts to make your tattoo. A lot of girls and boys prefer a more curly and cursive script for their date tattoos. While a complex font may cost more, it will also look great from afar.

Every birth date tattoo that people get has a deeper and more personal meaning. It can be a symbol of love or a testament to a loving relationship. So go ahead and get an amazing birth date tattoo that you can flaunt to the world!

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