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10 Best Aesthetic Plants – Beautiful Indoor Houseplants

10 Best Aesthetic Plants: Whether you have a green thumb or not, you probably know the many benefits of living plants. They can help purify the air, relieve stress, and even increase your productivity. And let’s not overlook their ability to create visual interest in your home.

However, finding the right plant can be a daunting task as there are countless easy-care varieties that can breathe life into your space. From fig trees with violin leaves that don’t need a lot of water to striking palm plants that bring you back to your last beach vacation, here are 10 of the best aesthetic plants you can find online right now.

10 Best Aesthetic Plants
10 Best Aesthetic Plants

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Are you looking for a lush plant to upgrade your space? Look no further than ferns. Popular species like the Boston Fern only need bright, indirect light and regular watering to survive indoors. On the other hand, the Maidenhair Fern is not a top choice for indoor use due to its need for tons of moisture.

Majesty palm plant

Bring a dose of tropical life into your home with the Majesty Palm plant. This air purification option requires between four and six hours of bright, indirect light every day.

Birds of paradise

If you prefer a more-is-more design approach, you will appreciate the pronounced disposition of this plant, which can enliven the most desolate space. Water them regularly and keep them in a bright place.

Monstera Deliciosa

An island adventure may not be on your calendar, but the Monstera Deliciosa is the next best. Its leaves – with unusual hole formations and ridges – have given it the nickname Swiss-cheese plant. This climbing plant is the perfect conversation starter for every room in your home and works well for bright, indirect light.

Violin leaf fig tree

Don’t worry if you can never think about watering your plants. The fig tree can thrive without water for up to two weeks.

Olive tree

Plant parents love trendy olive trees for their refined flair, but keeping them alive is not easy. They work best near a south-facing window with lots of sun and thrive with soil that can drain away easily.

Cactus plant

Most cacti only need to be watered about once a week, which is perfect if you tend to be forgetful. And while you can find many floor options, there are a number of table plants that are ideal for small spaces.

Rubber tree

Immediately give your room style with a low-maintenance rubber plant with wide, glossy leaves. Give it bright, indirect light and keep the soil moist (but don’t pour it over).

lemon Tree

If patience is one of your strengths, a lemon tree is for you. They never fail to energize a room, but require some work – spray them regularly with water (let the floor dry completely between waterings) and provide them with plenty of sunlight.

Calathea plant

The reptile-like, two-tone leaves of the Calathea plant will make every tabletop more interesting. In addition, this popular plant is known to be animal friendly in low light conditions.

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