10 Best Adventurous Things To Do In Melbourne That Will Surely Enthrall You

Melbourne has a unique inner neighborhood, a stimulating city center, great mountain ranges and lush green parks where you get to enjoy the best of Australia’s nature. Although the central city has fewer people as residents, the city is the heart of a wider metropolitan area with a population of over 1,000,000 people. The coffee capital of the world is known for its cultural diversity, stunning street art and fine dining options for all. It has been regularly voted as the most livable city.

No matter whether you are a visitor or have spent your entire life in Melbourne, you will find many adventure things to do in this city. Food, theater, arts and sports culture are among the finest in the world. The capital city has a lot to offer from pubs to culture and is a one stop destination for adventure lovers. You can enjoy the beauty of Bayside or roam the city to shop for the best local trendy fashion. Add yourself to the following 10 Doing adventure things in melbourne.

10 Best Adventure Things to do in Melbourne

Following are the most adventurous things to do in Melbourne in 2020:

1. skydiving

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You can skydive over the most amazing city, beach and bush land views. You can skydive from the highest altitude [14,000 ft]. Feel the thrill of a freefall at a speed of 200 kmph for a minute and swim under the canopy for 7 minutes in spectacular views. Skydive with the help of the best coaches. Get out there and push your limits to enjoy your skydiving experience, which you will cherish forever.

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2. Puffing Billy Railway

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Puffing Billy travels through “The Dandenongs” which is located east of Melbourne. This popular steam ride runs daily from the Belgrave foothills to the town of Gambroke. The red carriages that pass through the plains and valleys and below it the upper shadow of the mountain run on three important wooden bridges.

This direction extends through the Eucalyptus of Sherbrooke Forest, the Menges Creek Steam Museum and the Picnic Ground at Emerald Lake. The one-way journey takes two hours [15 miles]. It is the most preferred train in Australia and is one of the best preserved steam railways in the world. The train is over a century old and is still running on its primary 25 km hilly track through the stunning forests of the Fern Gullins and Dandenong ranges.

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3. Hot Air Ballooning

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Melbourne is one of the few places in the world where shipping can be done with hot air balloons. Global Ballooning Australia is a private Victorian business that offers you a great and sensational way to get the best view of the city – Albert Park Formula 1 racetrack, Shrine of Remembrance and MCG. You get a souvenir pack as complimentary which includes exceptional discounts and offers at various attractions in and around Victoria. A hot air balloon flight will let you experience all your senses, especially vision.

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You can see lakes, rivers and remote locations of Victoria that are inaccessible via foot or kayak or canoe through the road. You can explore beautiful rapids and waterways. The Yara River allows you to replenish or even venture into the Nagambi Lakes of the Goulburn Valley, Lake Vendouri located in Ballarat and the Barwon River near Geelong.

Sea kayaking is a pastime that is popular among tourists. You can sign up for a guided white water rafting trip with a company in the area. If you want to do an adrenaline rush, you should probably go to Thompson, the high country Mitta Mitta Rivers in Victoria.

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5. Royal Botanical Gardens

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This famous garden is located on the southern bank of the Yarra River, in Victoria, central part of Melbourne. The landscape consists of a combination of exotic and native vegetation that includes more than 10,000 individual species. It has a second division located at Cranborne which is about 45 km southeast of the city.

The park mainly focuses on native plants of the nation and has a special section known as the Australian Garden. These gardens lie adjacent to a large parkland cluster between the Yarra River and St Kilda Road, called Park Parkland which includes Alexander Gardens, Kings Domain and Queen Victoria Gardens.

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6. Queen Victoria Market

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This market is very popular among the locals. It is their place to get fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and many types of small items and dairy. Many stalls sell goods, clothes and other items, which is why it is also seen by tourists.

Shop, eat, explore and explore your way through the Heritage Shed and the finest food halls. You can buy artisan cheese or have a meal. One thing you should not remember is American Donut Kitchen’s Hot Jam Donuts. The market is open all week except Monday and Wednesday.

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7. Melbourne Zoo

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It is the oldest zoo in the country which was opened on the Royal Park site on land donated by the City of Melbourne. Earlier, the animals were accommodated in Melbourne’s botanical gardens. You can see the nocturnal animals of the zoo with the help of keepers during the evenings and snores.

Most animals settle in climatic zones – the Asian rainforest which contains otter and tiger; African rainforest including mendrills, gorillas, parrots and peggy hippos; And the Australian rainforest with amus, kangaroo, cuckoo, rare hairy womb and echidnans.

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8. City Circle Tram Service

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The tram ride may seem obvious, yet most tourists never take off. The tram network in Melbourne is an incredible animal. The best thing is that a large part of the tram is free to ride if staying within the city limits. A commentary will provide you with details of the major attractions and sights of the city such as Parliament House, City Museum, Docklands, Melbourne Aquarium, Princess Theater and Federation Square.

Tourists can spend their time inside the tram throughout the day. You have leaflets that include a map of Melbourne to help you understand the city easily. The tram network extends from the city center. To travel from north to south you should take the Route 96 tram. The tram stretches from St Kilda to Bourke Street. You can get off at stop 16 to try the world’s best croissant on Lune or watch the Fairy Penguin 145 stop at St Kilda Beach.

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9. California Redwoods Plantation

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They are native to the southwestern part of Oregon in the US and coastal California. They were planted in the Great Ocean National Park during the 1930s and also in the Warbaton Valley. To see these trees how small you look in front of them. The plantation at Warburton is grid-like and has over 1400 trees that are 55 meters high.

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10. Melbourne International Arts Festival Show

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You can join the annual celebration of dance, theater, music, events and visual arts from Australia and around the world. The array of talent never fails to become a celebration of fine art. Good talent above the festival but you can also do some small tasks to fulfill your festival quota. A mega winter festival is coming during 2020, which is awaited by art lovers all over the world.

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When you visit Melbourne you will be able to fulfill your adventurous desires. The capital of Victoria helps you to enjoy the finest food, food and live music with its amazing landscape. An exciting mix of culture, sports, style, art and food will make you wish you never had to leave the city. Due to the moderate tourist rush and the best climate, March-May and September-November are the perfect time to visit this city. Pack your bags and plan your trip to Melbourne with Travel Triangle to enjoy doing all these adventurous things in Melbourne.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Things in Melbourne

Q. Is it safe to skydive in Melbourne?

a. Skydive Australian crew have been offering skydiving service for over 16 years and so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Q. What is the ideal time to go for a hot air balloon ride in Melbourne?

a. Winter is the best time to experience the best hot air balloons. Sunrise starts later during the day which is an added bonus.

Q. Which is the best mode of transport to travel from Melbourne?

a. The tram is easier to use than other transport forms for those who hop between the inner suburbs and the CBD’s attraction to make quick payments.

Q. What is the best thing about Melbourne Zoo?

a. You can have an overview of the historic cages including the elephant house which was renovated for customers who wish to sleep for a night in the tents during the Roar and Snore evenings.

Q. How tall are the trees in a redwood plantation?

a. Redwood trees are characterized by their horizontal branches and extreme height – 115 meters tall.

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