10 Best 3 Friends Tattoo Ideas

Are you looking for some tattoos for you and your best friends? We have some cool and cute 3 friends tattoo ideas perfect for you!

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There is nothing like a best friend who has been a part of every phase of your life, from getting through hard times to celebrating good times.

Your best friend can have an impact on your life like no other. They can make things bright and beautiful by just being there for you at all times.

3 Friends Tattoo

It is very common that people who have spent a huge part of their lives together to get a common tattoo. There are best friends who have matching tattoos that are extremely special and also very meaningful. It does not matter if your best friend is a boy or a girl, However, if you have a special relationship with them, it is a great idea to show it off with a cool tattoo. Best friend tattoo ideas can be cute, unique, and definitely fun. This has become a huge trend that has only grown over the past years. You must have seen a lot of couples get matching tattoos. Parents get tattoos for their children in the same way these friendship tattoos are your way of showing off your special bond with your best friend.

Close-knit groups not only have to be of 2 people, but they can also be of 3 people. There are several tattoo ideas for 3 friends who mean a lot to each other. These tattoos range from several different things. It could mean something special that you have shared together or could just be a cute tattoo that all 3 of you adore.

Check out these really fun tattoo designs we have selected for you and pick out your best friend tattoo design now.

Best Friend Tattoos

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Loyal friends are your ride or die. A friend is not someone that you are born with. They are someone who you choose to be with for eternity. A friendship tattoo symbolizes exactly that. If you share a tattoo with your friends, not only means something very deep, but it also symbolizes your bond for life. This particular tattoo shows 3 friends who’ve gotten wrist tattoos. Each of them has a design that is different from the other but means something very special. The three different signs are sun, leaf, and snowflake which mean similar things like rebirth and life cycle. It represents the fact that you will have these friends in your life forever.

The tattoo artist has used simple strokes of black ink. These designs are small and minimalistic and the perfect tattoos for you and your friends.

Tattoo For 3 Friends

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If you are a fan of power puff girls and are a group of 3, this design is one of the best BFF tattoos you can find. It shows off the strong bond that you share with your friends.

This tattoo was made by a group of 3 friends. Each of them got one character of The Powerpuff Girls on their ankles. One has made Bubbles, one made Butterscotch, and one has Blossoms. To add a little element to the design, they’ve added the tagline of the show, Sugar, spice, and everything nice on them. The entire tattoo has been made with a fine line of black ink and in certain areas, grey shading and dot work art have been used. This tattoo is a fun twist on your friendship and will look extremely cool.

Matching Best Friend Tattoo

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This is another design that is extremely minimalistic and very beautiful. If you notice carefully, this tattoo has 3 elements in it, the wave, the moon, and the stars. These 3 elements represent the 3 people in this friendship. Your best friend can also be your sister.

If you have 2 other sisters, then this is one of the prettiest matching friendship tattoos that you can get. The 3 elements wave, moon, and stars are a symbol of guidance and helping people reach their destinations. It represents the fact that the 3 of you are going to be there for each other at every stage of life. The tattoo artist has used simple black ink for this design and it looks absolutely marvelous.

3 Best Friends Tattoo Ideas

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A friend is someone who knows everything about you and still loves you. Your most loyal friends will never leave you alone, even in your highs or lows. A great way of honoring these friends is by getting a friendship tattoo. This tattoo does not always have to have some meaningful symbols. You can also opt for a portrait tattoo where you are hugging each other. You can ask your tattoo artist to recreate an image of the 3 of you together.

This tattoo consists of 3 girls who are hugging each other. The tattoo artist used black ink to make the entire design. They have used grey and black shading in certain areas to highlight them. If you are looking for simple but meaningful best friend tattoos then this is something that you should consider.

Friendship Goals Tattoo

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This particular tattoo shows 3 flying birds. Flying birds are generally a representation of how you want to live your life with freedom and on your own terms. In this particular design, the 3 birds represent the 3 friends that the wearer has. It represents the fact that the 3 of you are different individuals, but still bonded for life.

The tattoo artist has used black ink to make this design. To add to the element of the design, the tattoo artist has added 3 different colors pink, green and purple behind these birds. When you look at such a design, you will constantly be reminded of the friendship and the bond that you share with your loved ones. Since friendship tattoos are a growing trend, flying bird tattoos are a very common tattoo design.

Small Friendship Tattoos

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This tattoo is also known as the Triquetra tattoo. The Triquetra consists of 3 triangles with interlocking parts. It is a representation of one connection to the Earth, Sea and Sky. This tattoo is also a representation of the Trinity, which is the idea that the father, the son and the Holy Spirit are one. If you get this tattoo with your friends, then it is a symbol of your bond that will connect you for eternity.

The tattoo artist has made 3 triangles on each persons rest. They have used thick strokes of black ink for this design. This is one of the best tattoos for best friends and you should definitely consider this.

Tattoo Ideas For 3 Friends

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This is one of the very cool matching best friend tattoos. This design consists of 3 different elements, the heart, moon and star. Each of these elements means something very different from the other. The heart is a representation of pure and passionate love. Moon is a representation of change and growth in one’s life, and a star is a representation of guidance. All 3 designs have been made in a vertical line on the backside of the ankle. As you look carefully, the tattoo artist has highlighted one element on each person’s leg. In this way you do not have same tattoos, but you also have tattoos that connect you forever.

Small Best Friend Tattoos

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All friends have a mutual understanding between them. They understand when you need space, and they also understand when you need to talk to somebody. If you have been friends with someone for a very long time it means that you have grown up together and share a lot of memories.

This particular tattoo design is a very sweet and simple one. The people have gotten these statues are 2 ladies and one gentleman. In the tattoo design, they have made 2 little girls on either side holding a little boy’s hand in the middle. The tattoo artist has used very simple strokes of black ink to make this design. The 3 people have gotten this tattoo on the same place, which is on that calf muscle.

Tattoo Ideas For 3 Best Friends

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There are many symbols that signify the love that you share with your friend. If you have grown up together, then you will understand the different phases of life that you’ve been through. With your friends, you have shared a lot of firsts, the first time you learnt to drive a car, the first time you bunked a class, your first love, and of course, your first drink as well.

This tattoo is the perfect symbol of your friendship together. It is a great tattoo idea because it has 3 different types of beer. The tattoo artist has used plain black ink to make the design, and there are 3 hearts above each design with symbolises each person. This is one of the most cool tattoos that you will find on the Internet and you should definitely consider this.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Tattoo

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If you look at this tattoo and your first thought is not salmon skin roll, then maybe you should skip this design. F.R.I.E.N.D.S It’s one show that all of us have seen at least once in our lives and have connected with people over it. If you and your best friends are fan of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S show, then this tattoo is the perfect design for you. It is small, simple and will keep you connected forever.

Getting a tattoo with your closest friends is a great way of showing off that friendship. These tattoos can range from small, cute designs to larger tattoos that only the 3 of you can relate to. We hope that you like the ideas of the cute best friend tattoos we’ve listed above. For more options, you can also look at –

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