10 Beaches Near Vadodara For All Sea Lovers In 2020!

Vadodara is one of the fastest developing cities in Gujarat. The city is known for its infrastructure and is a major trading center. Many historical monuments can be found in Vadodara. But were you aware of the fact that many are beautiful Beach near VadodaraThe Well, it may shock you but yes, you can see many beautiful beaches near this city of Gujarat. Beaches are the places where everyone gets the best time. It is an ideal place for nature lovers, family, friends and couples. When the sun sets in the sea, you can see the changing views of the sky. So, let’s dig into the list of top beaches that you can see near Vadodara.

10 Must visit beaches near Vadodara

Here is a list of beaches near Vadodara that no one can miss. They are beautiful and clean, which is why travelers and nature lovers are attracted to these beaches.

1. Tithal Beach

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Wherever you go in India, it is not uncommon to find beaches with fine sand or white colored sand. But it is very rare to find beaches that have black sand. This is one of the special features that lie on beaches like these. Black soiled soil can be found near the delta region where the river releases all its sediment and then mixes with the ocean. The black color of the beach sand shines when the rays of the evening and morning sun fall. The beach also features hosting the International Kite Festival. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Valsad district of Gujarat.
Distance from Vadodara: 223 km

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2. Dwarka Beach

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Dwarka is one of the top pilgrimage centers in India. Many temples at this place are dedicated to Lord Krishna and Rukmini. Constant excavations reveal that this place holds great importance for Hindus. All those who visit there never fail to visit Dwarka beach which is very close to the holy sites. One cannot dive into the waters of the beach. The coastline is lined with rocks and one can sit in the rocks and spend a good time with their loved ones to watch the waves crash and enjoy the sea breeze. The beach is very clean and many good eateries can be found around one.
Distance from Vadodara: 514 km

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3. Jamnagar Beach

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Though Gujarat is known for its long coastline, you cannot get the facilities of Jamnagar Beach when you visit any other beach of the state. The unique feature is due to the strategic location of the beach. The beach is located in Jamnagar which is in the Gulf of Kutch region. The coastline of the Bay Area is very different from a normal beach. There are more than 42 islands which exist in the Gulf of Kutch region. This beach is one of the most prominent of the 42 islands in the region. The beach is not very famous and this is the reason behind the cleanliness. One can like this beach for a picnic with the whole family.
Distance from Vadodara: 377 km

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4. Somnath Beach

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Somnath is one of the holiest places in India for pilgrims. Kedarnath, Amarnath, and Somnath are the three places where there are holy holy deities. There are very few people who do not visit Somnath beach when they visit the temple. A lot of joggers can be found on this beach early in the morning. The beach is located very close to the temple. There are many hotels and other places which are providing accommodation to the pilgrims near the beach. It is great to see the views of the beach on the balcony of the hotel room. Another special aspect of this beach is that one can ride a camel. It is very common to see horses on the beaches, but it is not common to keep camels on the beaches.
Distance from Vadodara: 485 km

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5. Dumas Beach

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If you are a person who is very adventurous by nature, then you should visit one of the most haunted beaches in the country, Dumas Beach. The beach has a very calm atmosphere by day. But as the sun sets and the moon rises, no one can afford to live on the beach where many paranormal activities have been reported. It is also said that the black color of the beach sand is because the beach had served as a burial ground in the past and the frequent burning of the bodies left a lot of ash that was behind the black color of the soil reason .
Distance from Vadodara: 172 km

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6. Suvali Beach

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Suwali Beach, popularly known as Swali Beach, is one of the oldest and a type of beach, whose place is mentioned in the pages of Indian history. Black sand beach in Suwali village of Hazira district in Gujarat is the place where the Modern Indian Navy was born. The beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India. If you are a history buff, you should never miss visiting this beach. It is the beach through which Portuguese ships first landed on the west coast of India. The very famous battle of Swali between the East India Company and the Portuguese was fought along the coast.
Distance from Vadodara: 169 km

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7. Ghogha Beach

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If you want to take your personal vehicle along the coastline, which is otherwise not very accessible, you may prefer a Ro-Ro ferry ride. A ferry can be loaded with a vehicle that will be parked in the first level of the ferry and then you can be admitted to the second level of the ferry and enjoy a ferry ride with your family. Taking a ferry ride like this is not expensive. The initiative is a private-public partnership between the sewage company and the state government of Gujarat. This was done to promote tourism in those places. From Ghogha Beach, one can reach other places of attraction which are worth visiting.
Distance from Vadodara: 222 km

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8. Mandvi Beach

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Mandvi Beach is located in the Rann of Kutch region of Gujarat. The Rann of Kutch region has many ancient beaches and Mandvi Beach is one of them. The silky soft sand of the beach feels like a carpet for the salty waters of the Arabian Sea. This place is also known for large number of windmills. The beach is best suited for water sport activities due to its coastline. One can spend some time doing yoga as the surrounding area is very quiet. One can also ride a camel on Mandvi beach. The region of the Rann of Kutch is known for a large number of migratory birds. A lot of birds can come to the beach.
Distance from Vadodara: 489 km

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9. Porbandar Beach

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Porbandar Beach is located in the southwestern part of the state of Gujarat. Porbandar beach is known all over the country because Porbandar holds great importance in the pages of Indian history. It is the birthplace of the father of the nation. Many tourists come to Porbandar to visit the monument and other places which are dedicated to the Indian freedom struggle. Porbandar beach has a very high priority in the business history of Gujarat during ancient times. Many trade activities with Arabs and Africans were conducted through this coastline. This place is also the birthplace of Sudama, who is a close friend of Lord Krishna.
Distance from Vadodara: 470 km

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10. Jalandhar Beach

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If you are looking for beaches near Vadodara which is suitable for private photoshoot sessions, then you should visit Jalandhar beach. There is a temple and a memorial near the beach. The temple is situated both on the common ground surface and on the top of a hill. Above the hill is a structure dedicated to the demon Jalandhar and hence the place got its name. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandrika. This place is best suited for many water sports activities.
Distance from Vadodara: 421 km

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There are many beaches near Vadodara that one can take a trip. One can see that every beach in or around Vadodara has a story. As Vadodara is not a very expensive place to visit, one can spend several days to visit all the beaches surrounded. These beaches are blessed with the beauty of nature. The government has taken all possible steps to turn these beaches into top tourist destinations. So without delay, plan your vacation in Vadodara and make sure you visit these beaches.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beaches near Vadodara

Q. Which is the best time to visit the beaches near Vadodara?

a. The best time to visit the beaches near Vadodara is from December to February. Since the heat in Gujarat is very harsh, one may prefer to visit during the winter season.

Q. Do beaches near Vadodara charge any entry fee?

a. Most beaches charge no entry fee. However, there are some beaches that charge some entry fees.

Q. Can water sports activities be enjoyed on the beaches near Vadodara?

a. Yes, beaches near Vadodara can have many water sports activities. One does not need to pay very high rates to enjoy these rides.

Q. Are there any historical monuments around the beaches near Vadodara?

a. Places near Vadodara have many places of historical importance. There are several signboards and placards placed in the vicinity that speak of the antiquity of the place.

Q. Are the beaches near Vadodara accessible by road?

a. Yes, all beaches are accessible by road. A car ride along the paths leading to Vadodara is a very enjoyable moment with beautiful seas on either side of the road.

Q. Can one find good accommodation on the beaches near Vadodara?

a. Yes, luxurious accommodations can be found on the beaches near Vadodara. There are also star hotels and good budget hotels.

Q. The beaches near Vadodara are very crowded?

a. No, the best thing about visiting the beaches near Vadodara is that the beaches are not overcrowded. You can get a lot of time in solitude.

Q. Are the beaches near Vadodara suitable for couples to enter?

a. As the beaches are not crowded, it is very suitable for couples. One can take a long walk near the coast of the beaches.

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