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10 Alluring Places To Visit In Dalhousie In Summer In 2020

Often called the ‘Switzerland of India’, Dalhousie is a famous hill station and a favorite holiday destination of every mountain lover in Himachal Pradesh. This perfect summer retreat is popular with most couples and newlyweds, But it offers a lot to all the travelers who come here. The picturesque hills covered with snow, the panoramic views, the admirable natural beauty and the Victorian-style British mansion that drives this enchanting mountain town to the north equally young and elderly. And although it is a one-year destination, we can shed light on all the wonderful things you can enjoy here Dalhousie in summer.

Top 10 places to visit in Dalhousie in summer

When you are vacationing in Dalhousie in the summer months, be sure to explore the following scenic attractions along with the lush green atmosphere and natural beauty of this hill station.

1. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary in Dalhousie


Popular things to do in Dalhousie in summer is to visit the Kalatop Khajiyar Sanctuary which is located in Chambal district. The sanctuary has cedar foliage, snow capped mountains, diversity of wildlife, vast grasslands and fresh water streams. The well laid out hiking and trekking trails in this sanctuary provide you with a great, spectacular and adventurous way to explore and experience the nature and untouched wilderness of this park. You can also delve into the amazing views of the Pir Panjal range from this esoteric sanctuary rest house, which is a beautiful sightseeing destination to visit Dalhousie in summer.

place: Kalatop RF
Time: 8 AM – 6 PM

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2. Hot Side

Beautiful hills in Dalhousie


Now this name may put you in division as to what it may be, but Garam Sadan is the road connecting Subhash Chowk and Gandhi Chowk. Not just a road but you get to see amazing views of Dalhousie, valley and hills. The most popular things to do in Dalhousie in summer is to visit Garam Sadak Street. This iconic road allows you to explore the beauty of nature as this road is equipped with tall trees, green vegetation and adorned with Tibetan rock paintings on the walls. Surrounded by mist fog and thick green trees, this Gadham Sadak is a place where you can take a romantic stroll, buy local produce, relax and enjoy delicious local cuisine.

place: Moti Tiba, Dalhousie
Time: open 24 hours

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3. Chamera Lake

Great view of Chamera Lake


On your vacation to Dalhousie in summer, be sure to visit the artificially built, but beautiful Chamera Lake. Built over the Ravi river, this lake and dam are major s of water to the surrounding villages. Chamera Lake is famous for boating, and apart from natural beauty, the lake offers other activities for adrenaline enthusiasts such as river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, jungle trekking, fishing and picnics. The surrounding Bhandal valley, dense pine forests, quaint places, admirable shimmering sunsets and varied adventure activities make it a beautiful gateway to soothe your mind, body and soul.

place: Chamba District, Dalhousie
Time: 7 AM – 5 PM

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4. Satadhara Falls

Beautiful view of the Satdhara waterfall in Dalhousie

The beauty and artwork created by God is Satadhara waterfall, 2035 meters above sea level. Satadhara is nothing but seven waterfalls, it falls, it gets its name because the waterfall is a mixture of seven beautiful streams. It is said that the pure and water-cleansing mice of this falls contain rats, which have medicinal properties that later cure skin disease. This powerful falls is a prime place for rejuvenation, relaxation, picnic, photography, trekking and sightseeing in Dalhousie.

place: Pathankot Road, Chatra, Dalhousie
Time: open 24 hours

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5. Rang Mahal

Old Rang Mahal in Dalhousie


Reflecting the stunning fusion of both British and Mughal architecture, Rang Mahal is the best place to visit if you want to visit Dalhousie in summer. The palace is extremely beautiful with various Punjab hill style 18th century wall paintings adorned with life depicting the life of Lord Krishna. Apart from rare paintings, hill ornaments, artefacts, coins, costumes and other valuables are on display here. The unique architecture of this palace built by King Umaid Singh for royal women now attracts many tourists from every year or country. The Himachal Emporium inside the palace sells handmade shawls and handkerchiefs made in wooden looms.

place: Sura Mohalla, Dalhousie
Time: 10 AM – 5 PM

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6. Ganji hill

Beautiful evening view from the hills


Another adventurous activity to do during the summer vacation in Dalhousie is to trek to Ganji hill. As its name suggests, it is a bald hill due to lack of vegetation. Offering a large amount of adrenaline, offering a moderate to difficult level of hiking from Panchpula, this hill gives you a beautiful view from above you. You can also camp here and admire the spectacular and panoramic views of the atmosphere and fresh air with their family and friends. There are no cafes or shops on the hiking route, so carrying your own water bottles and food is recommended.

place: Ganji Pahari, Pathankot Road, Dalhousie
Time: open 24 hours

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7. Bara Pathar

Temple in Dalhousie


Bara Pather is a famous tourist destination, nestled in the jungle and home to the grand temple of Bhulwani Mata. The site’s drawing and its intention for the Kalatop Sanctuary and General Post Office attract many travelers here. Amidst the sticky and hot summers, the place offers cool and refreshing air, with Potato Farm also an additional place to explore nearby.

place: Dalhousie, near Kalatop
Time: 7 AM – 7 PM

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8. Panchpula Falls

Panchpula waterfall in Dalhousie


Stuck in fresh cedar and green cedar trees, Panchpuli Dalhousie has a small, lovely and attractive waterfall. This fall is famous for its magnificent streams and the tomb of the great freedom fighter of India, Sardar Ajit Sing. Panchpula Falls is a very important tourist destination and is also the main of water supply for Dalhousie.

place: Gandhi Chowk, 3.5 km from Dalhousie
Time: 9 AM – 6 PM

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9. Rock Garden

Rock Garden in Dalhousie


Rock Garden is a wonderful garden created by the flow of natural streams with rocks scattered around a completely amazing river and a green environment all around. The view of ancient air and the surrounding magnificent mountains make this garden a bridge of beauty. On the way to Lake Chamera, you can find Rock Garden which is the most famous and amazing picnic spot in Dalhousie. Places to visit, This picnic spot allows you to spend quality time with your family / friends away from the bustle of the main city. In addition to walking, relaxing and walking around in this park, you can enjoy many adventure sports such as zip-lining and more. Thus, Rock Garden is an excellent place to visit in Dalhousie in summer.

place: Deidara, Dalhousie.
Time: 7 AM – 8 PM

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10. DainKund Hill

Famous Dankund Hill in Dalhousel


Another popular thing to do in Dalhousie in summer is trekking and enjoy the spectacular views of the city from above. DainKund Hill is a place that thrills, thrills and thrills you, courtesy of its extraordinary surroundings, greenery and beautiful snow-capped peaks. Due to the soothing and musical sounds created by the winds passing through the trees, Dankund is also known as Gaon Pahadi. Located at an altitude of 2755 meters above sea level, the summit offers a 360 degree panoramic view of lush green trees, serene mountains, entire valleys, rivers, waterfalls, grasslands and Khajiyar Lake. Travelers like to visit this peak to visit the Phulani Devi temple.

place: Dinkund, Dalhousie
Time: open 24 hours

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In summer Dalhousie is quite beautiful and offers a lot of fun for all adventure lovers and families. Your next holiday in Dalhousie will definitely be the most memorable if you visit the above mentioned places and enjoy the fun activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dalhousie in Summer

Q. What is Dalhousie famous for?

a. Dalhousie is a famous hill station and locally made woolen shawls, Tibetan handicrafts etc. are quite famous among the tourists here.

Q. There will be snow in Dalhousie in April?

a. Yes, it does snow during winter, however, snow starts to melt during March-June and this season is best for outdoor activities.

Q. Dalhousie is worth visiting?

a. Dalhousie is a wonderful place with snow-clad peaks, pristine beauty and lush greenery that is worth visiting.

Q. Dalhousie is expensive?

a. Dalhousie is not very expensive, however, it depends entirely on the type of accommodation you choose to live in.

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