1 of Tayshia & Clare’s Men Is Crashing Katie Thurston’s Season

Is this man there to give advice? Or is he following in the footsteps of many other former contestants who showed up late to try and find love?

One of the men from Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette was seen crashing the set of Katie Thurston’s season, which is currently filming. The newest season, co-hosted by Tayshia and Kaitlyn Bristowe, has been free of any dramatic rumors until now. While it is unclear what this man’s intentions are, it should be a sign the show is still trying to stir things up and cause conflict however it can.

It has long been common for contestants from past seasons to show up on new seasons in hopes of finding romance once again. Whether it’s Kacie B coming on Sean Lowe’s season after being dumped by Ben Flajnik, Chris Bukowski barging into Andi Dorfman’s season to try and steal her heart following his failed attempt to do the same with Emily Maynard, or, most recently, Heather Martin driving in way late on Matt James’ season at the behest of her friend Hannah Brown, this phenomenon has become a trend. Sometimes, in the case of Nick Viall entering Kaitlyn’s season halfway through and nearly winning the season, the two have spoken prior. Other times, the contestant is simply hoping they can get lucky. Either way, it’s always been a move that has caused drama and in-fighting in the house, which is what producers believe makes good television.

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According to E! News, Blake Moynes, who was dumped by both Clare (sort of) and Tayshia, showed up on Katie’s season. It’s not entirely clear why he’s there, though one could assume his intentions are to find love. He fell harder for Clare than most other guys, and was one of the most bummed out when she decided to leave and start a life with Dale Moss only two weeks into the season. Blake’s inability to put his feelings aside for Clare prevented his relationship with Tayshia from truly progressing, and he was cut short of hometowns.

Blake Moynes The Bachelorette Season 16

The late entrance onto a season hardly works. One of the worst attempts was Heather last season, whose desire to join the cast was delayed due to Covid restrictions. Matt sent her packing right away. While Katie likely isn’t too deep into her season just yet, it’s unlikely she not only welcomes Blake onto the set but lets him go all the way. The other men can’t be pleased either.

It’s not entirely known how the process works of a previous cast member joining a season. Does production call them? Do they ask and get in easily since it’s a guaranteed drama-starter? Nonetheless, it will be hard for Blake to explain that his decision was motivated by anything other than a chance to get more airtime, which results in more social media followers. At the end of the day, that’s what most of the contestants take away from the show, since lasting love is hardly the final result these days.

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Source: E! News

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