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Clever and quick cooking tips

Clever and quick cooking tips

cooking tips

cooking tips

Females spend most of their time in the kitchen. It won’t be wrong if we call her kitchen to her second home. Her life revolves around her house, family members and children. In order to look after his near and dear ones she forgets about herself and do all what she can do for them. After completing all these tasks she tends to get lost her own identity.

These are few tips which will help her in stealing some valuable time from her busy schedule. Let’s start with cooking tips. The very first point is planning. Plan your whole daily meal. Like what has to be cooked in the breakfast, lunch and dinner. If she plans this out, believe me, you are half done. Right planning will help you in finishing your cooking in lesser time.

Second step is to keep all the things on your cooking table before you start cooking. All the pulses should be soaked for 2 hours so that the harmful effects of the pesticides can be removed. Soaking will also consume lesser gas and cook food in less time.

Mix n match, always remember this mantra while handling the cooking area. Children are fussy and always come up with ample excuses for not eating healthy food. Show your creativity here. Add veggies to idly or rice or whatever they like the most. Food should be appealing as it is believed that a person eat food first with his eyes and then mouth.

Never put things on gas straight from the refrigerator. Keep them outside before putting it on the gas. Let it come to room temperature first. This will save your gas undoubtedly. Whenever you have time to cut and make the paste of onion and store it in the fridge. Tomato puree can be stored by making tomato cubes. Pour tomato puree in the ice trays when it sets, take out and store these tomato cubes in the box. Whenever needed take out the number of ice cube you want.

Likewise garlic and ginger paste can be made and add little hot oil and salt to their paste. This will not let it get spoiled. One valuable advice is to keep a calendar hang in the kitchen. Whenever you feel that you need something, note down on this calendar, including the date when you last changed your cylinder of the date when you have to get your next gas booked.

We all know the tawa remains hot for a long time, even when we have closed the gas. We can put a small container filled with water on it. This warm water can be used for various purposes. Even we can keep something sweet on it. By the time we have finished our food the sweet dish will remain hot on the  tawa. By this way you can save gas and undoubtedly your gas cylinder will last longer.

Left over veggies and pulses can be used in making different things. Cook plain rice and mix it with left over mix vegetable. You will have an option to enjoy the veg biryani. Tasty desserts can be made with the cake left pieces. In summers extract juice from lemon and make ice cube from this juice. Whenever you feel like drinking lemonade. Add this ice cube to a plain water mix and enjoy this hassle free lemon drink.

In case you forget to soak rajma or channa at night. Boil water and soak rajma or channa in it and keep this soaked beans in the casserole for 2 hours. Your beans will be ready to cook. These are very tiny things which perhaps most of the people know, but implement very few. Be a smart cook by following these small and useful cooking tips.

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