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Diwali Bumper Offer #HarPalHappiness


Diwali Bumper Offer #HarPalHappiness Diwali. As we all know, it is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. Before getting on my hands on the special bumper offer, let me just brief a little bit about the festival we are going to celebrate a few days later now. I am sure many of you must be aware of it and maybe a few of my readers are not well versed with the notion and essence of this festival. It …

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Wintersun Holidays Call for Swimsuits Online


Wintersun Holidays Call for Swimsuits Online We are now entering the last few months of the year, and while fall is a wonderful time for fashion — think knit sweaters, pea coats, and all the fall fashion trends — it still doesn’t get you off the hook for swimsuit shopping. Although this is an exciting time of the year since the holidays are quickly approaching, it is also a time when the months get colder which means that you may …

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Top Three Tips for Buying Gadgets Online

Apple Watch

Top Three Tips for Buying Gadgets Online Everyone loves a good gadget. Electronics have been getting increasingly popular for the last fifty years and show no sign of stopping. Soon, it won’t be enough to just have the latest iPhone – you also need an Apple Watch and an iPad for when you’re away from the computer! All these things are fun, and new technology is always exciting, but “keeping up with the Joneses” (or Jobses, as the case may …

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My Memories through photography #AbHarWishHogiPoori

On seeing Art My Home Professional Oil Painting decorated by Tanya I wish to share my share Happy Moments here. My husband believed that photography plays an important role in procuring the golden memories and then remembering happy moments afterwards in future gives us immense pleasure which is beyond expression or perhaps beyond words to be summoned up in 26 little alphabets. Happy memories are like lost treasures which everyone wants to search once they grow old. He always wished …

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Tips Clear: How to shop smartly using online coupons

Tips Clear: How to shop smartly using online coupons    Presently most of the people are trying their level best to save money on almost everything they purchase. This encourages us to shop smartly and become smart shoppers by grabbing the best deals and save every penny of our hard earned money. This included searching for all those fruitful methods of getting money back either from bargains or the discounts. Eventually coupons are most popular and easy way of getting discounts …

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6 Tips to Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience

smar shoppers

6 Tips to Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience  You would think that it is easier to shop online than to travel from store to store but unless you are a techie, you could run into a few bumps in the road. For the most part, it really is simpler to shop online but even so, here are six tips to enhance your online shopping experience. 1) Wear Fuzzy Slippers You have probably heard that one of the benefits of shopping …

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